Friday, January 16, 2015

Teacher Under Investigation For Giving Out 'Bible Cookies.'

I am sure conservatives will play the victim card here. But religious freedom is so important that it must done so by respecting the 'Separation of Church and State,' which is beneficial to a person of faith in that we do not have another's religion shoved down our throats... If you believe in God, live like it and let other see Christ in you. But when you showboat religion, you're violating the US Constitution and your personal right to freedom of religion. Because who's to say a Muslim teacher couldn't expose your children to the Quran or the teaching of Islam? I am sure we, as Christians, would have an issue with this, and rightfully so. Therefore, we must respect freedom of religion if we too are to enjoy the 'First Amendment.'

No one is keeping you from your faith or the exercise of that religion, so be respectful of other's beliefs so that they too will never force their beliefs on you. Again if you want to pray at school, find a place to do so. If you want to pray before you eat do so. But don't make a spectacle of it. Christ himself advised us to pray in private that we are not hypocrites.

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'Bible Cookies' Prompt Investigation Of California Teacher

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