Thursday, January 15, 2015

The hacktivist group 'anonymous' issued a sobering, stern message to Islamist terrorist groups

The hacktivist  group 'anonymous' issues a sobering, stern message to Islamist terrorist groups; namely ISIS and AlQueda. After the Paris, France massacre at the satire news publisher, Charlie Heboo, who published the cartoons of the false "Prophet" Muhammad, the world reacted with empathy, anger, and resolve. Resolve to root out this evil brand of Islam. Regardless of whether Islam is peaceful or not the question is can they co-exist with the civilized society. We desire all Muslims to join a free open and respectful society. One, in which all groups of people are respected and given the freedom's a free society, has always fought for which include the right to free speech. Freedom of expression and opportunity represent the desires and aspirations of all people. The right to offend without fear of imprisonment or death. Free speech has it is limits and can NEVER involve violence in any shape of form. If Muslims or any group for that matter attempts to influence all people to conform to their worldview, we are living in a dangerous world. One that must be rectified to the fundamental freedoms we instinctually seek.

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