Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Heist Went ‘South.’ Chapter 2

The Heist Went ‘South.’ Chapter 2
[1st Draft].
After ordering a pizza for Adam as a symbol of a truce, the three watched the movie 'This Christmas,' it rather fits this time of year. Adam went to the restroom 20 minutes ago, and he's not returned yet. A troubling thought  flew across her mind, so Hannah yelled: "Damn it Adam, close the darn door! The cold air is sending chills up and down my spine. She turns to Mark: "Ever since we were kids, he fails to close the front door, or any door for that matter, completely shut. He's thrown plenty baseballs through glass windows though." Mark politely laughed at Hannah's childhood woes. In the background sounding like a distant holler, Adam shouting: "Okay. Okay, stay cool man." "What the hell are you talking about, brother?" Hannah asked. All of a sudden a loud voice interrogated Adam: "How many more people are in this house?" A confused, anxious and panicked voice Adam stammered: "Hannah, Mark, runs get the hell out of here." This time there truly is an intruder, "a gunshot proves the situation is real. "Shut up. I am in charge here, and I don't need you telling people what to do. The thief ordered his partner, Jason, to tie whomever else was in the house up facedown on the carpet. A stern warning echoed from the kitchen to the living room. Mark turned the TV to mute, and Hannah brought her finger to her lips implying silence is the best option. A frown caused a crease on her forehead, surely she'd locked the door behind her. Only she hadn't "Don't even think about running or playing a hero. This time, everyone is being tied up, and there's no indication this is a joke because we'd never involve a gun into the equation. "Okay, here's the deal, no one makes any strange moves or asks any annoying questions and you'll might live. Oh, and don't look at us." Hannah thought "Ya'll" are they from the south?  "Hey you, sweet pea, get up and make us some hot coffee. Frank follow her, keep an eye on her." The man called Frank is short and the robber who doesn't mention his name is about three inches taller. On the way to the kitchen, Frank held a gun to Hannah's back. While making the coffee Frank sat down at the table and took his black gloves off, rubbing his cold hands together while simultaneously blowing warm breath on them. He ran his fingers through his hair, and underneath his breath says: "What the hell are we doing here? I wish ma'am didn't need the kidney surgery, and we wouldn't need to rob folks." Hannah lowered her head slightly tearing up. "Here some warm coffee, it's Starbuck mild blend, so I am not sure that you'll like it, but me and the guys cannot get enough of it. As a matter of fact, there's a half gallon of chocolate milk in the fridge if you want some."  "No thanks." It was all but obvious to Hannah; these weren't career criminals, they've fallen on dire times which led them to extreme measures and drastic actions. Had they robbed the wrong people they'd have been shot by now. But Hannah didn't carry around firearms. No, she wasn't a flaming liberal, but she wasn't a conservative either, especially when it comes to gun rights issues. Last week, Mark and Hannah argued about this very subject Mark believes in having firearms, at all times, but Hannah won't let him take one near her. She always said: "Give me a baseball bat, a stun gun, and I'll survive." As the state before Hannah can talk her wait out of just about anything. After all, once you look into her eyes, you couldn't be mad at her anymore. Ask Mark, he'd tell you the same.

"No, I don't want your damn chocolate!" I got it, okay. "This coffee should warm you up," Hannah said. "Bro, the coffee's ready," Frank exclaimed. "Well, bring it and the girl out here you idiot." He angrily continued: "You get to sit on the couch with a blindfold, white girl," Frank's brother later identified as Marty said. Frank, look through those papers I pulled out of the girl's purse. "No, please don't look there. I am asking you please," she said. Begging wasn't a good idea because it made Frank all the more interested to rummage through her folded papers in her bag. Frank begins reading the first paper he sees. After opening the coffee stained paper he read it aloud: "Dear Hannah, I loved spending the past few weekends with you, I really think we should tell Mark though. I had no idea love could be, so, well, lonely. I used to be a friend to Mark, and I feel horrible  about going behind his back. Well, this letter is signed Jason Black. But wait, isn't your boyfriend's name, Mark? Oh snap, you've been cheating on Mark." Frank and Marty hysterically laugh because they've just revealed the deepest secret Hannah's been hiding underneath her tongue. She whips her head to the couch next to the fireplace hoping to see Mark's reaction. His reaction is undeniably normal, which consists of, a single tear streaming down his left cheek. Mark angrily says: "Don't look at me. You liar." Frank say: "Oh, hell no.  What kind of jerk are you, Hannah."

"Listen I am sorry to interrupt this hallmark moment Marty said:, but shut the hell up, my mother needs a kidney, and we don't have the money, so either we rob or she dies. Obviously we decided to rob you rich people, most of you don't earn your money anyway. It's people like us, like me and Frank, who slave and never get anywhere, and no, we don't believe we're entitled but we do believe health care is a necessity and not a luxury. So spare me this cheating lover's quarrel because I couldn't care less." "I guess this is as good as time as any to confess, I slept with your sister last summer, Hannah." Her response: "You did what?! Mark, seriously, you slept with Sara? I should kill both of you and drag the lake with your bodies before weighing them down the tarp and bricks sinking them to the bottom of Lake Atticus." The frown on Hannah's face forced a crease on either side of her nose, weighing down her cheekbones, and colored her eyes blood red. Just then, another loud helicopter roared across the resort sky, slightly shaking the wind between the thick log cabin walls. This time, the light is shining near the log cabin inn, which is why earlier a police helicopter scoured beneath the clouds shining its light in the window. "Frank, they're looking for us. What the hell are we going to do brother?" Frank replied: "For the time being, we're staying put. Because if we leave, we're sure to get caught. I cannot go back to prison." Hannah, trying to get inside Marty's head asks: "Can I turn the news on, to see if a news report mentions your name?" "Go ahead," Marty replied. Sure enough, on 'channel 23' a news report mentioned the couple of violent criminals as being armed and especially dangerous. The reporter, Allen Jackson, said: "The two brothers escaped a maximum security prison, serving time for killing their mother's abusive boyfriend. They only have to serve two years, and if they stayed clean, the manslaughter charge would be expunged from their records.

[No Where Near Finished].

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