Friday, January 23, 2015

Why Youtube Star @GloZell Visit To The White House Was NOT An Embarassment F...

Obama has, indeed, helped families and those of color benefiting from some of his policies.  Working families have received:
 *affordable health care benefiting millions of working families. He enacted
*'My Brother's Keeper' program which is set to help millions of African American, Hispanic and other minorities receive guidance, counseling, encouragement, opportunity, role model, etc..,
*Obama reduced the amount of tuition payment which assisted millions of people going to school and raising a family, which affect millions of African Americans.
* As the graduation rate among African Americans is at an all-time high.
*The teen pregnancy and abortion rate is at a 40 years low. Look it up!
*He signed an executive order for improved working relations between communities of color and further accountability of police officers. (An example of this progress is the Cleveland Police Departments said to have used excessive force, and a systematic problem with their training.
*Ferguson Police Department is being retrained and wearing body cams.
*Obama authorized funds for cops body cams for thousands of police
Obama is the first president to speak out about re relations. He's the first president to reach out to minority communities with improved opportunities within regards to education for young kids.
* Obama is the first president in nearly 20 years to create as many jobs as are available today.
* There is still, disproportionately, under-employment in Urban areas, but sometimes you have to run to opportunity and not wait for it to come knocking on your door.
* Clean energy and low gas prices help families visiting the pump.
* The stock market is at an all-time high. While that's not directly uplifting to blacks, if the stock market is doing well, more likely than not the economy is in decent shape. 

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