Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rand and Ron Paul's Passive Racism

For a moment, I was confused about Ron Paul. I heard he's a great guy, and he's on to the government, full of conspiracy theories. In actuality, he's bat crazed and irrational, to say the least; his son, Rand Paul, isn't much different. On several occasions, Rand Paul said he opposed the 1964 'Civil Rights Act' because businesses should be able to discriminate. People, don't deserve equal treatment, according to Rand Paul. However, there's social media nowadays with the click of a button we can search for evidence of these accusations. As a matter of fact, the video of the said accusation is below, as well as the link to the article. Should someone opposed to equal rights, for all, be president? If you believe a person with these destitute ideologies, should be president, fine. Vote away. But don't be surprised when he stabs your beliefs to death with Libertarianism. "I would say that he is the great pretender." (3).

I'd agree, Rand Paul is a great pretender, he changes depending on who he's around, which is a betrayal of one's self? In other words, when he's on his base of racist clueless neanderthals, he's harshly of minorities even with passive undertone. Nonetheless, it's all too apparent. People send me information about supporting Ron Paul, but he's viewpoints stem from a Republican/Libertarian platform of which I want no part. You see, for conservatives if a person says they're a Republican, they've won the vote of the Democratic candidate not based on substance rather on party affiliation; a handful of Democrats do the same thing. We know the values policies on co-existing matters. However, conservatives believe their personal beliefs trump other's freedom no matter how wrong they are and let's be fair liberals do the same. However, liberals aren't trying to force their beliefs onto people. Liberals believe you should worship how and who you want without infringing on anyone else's rights to worship or not to worship at all. Through my Christianity, I'd like to see everyone become a Christian, but I strongly oppose forcing religion on anyone else. They should see Christ inside of a person, but not a mouthful of condemnation. Rand Paul, on the other hand, spews conspiracy theories religiously. Blacks should understand why Rand is going to their communities it's not because he cares about them rather he wants their votes. In actuality, he couldn't care less about your struggles, after all, he's a Libertarian. He doesn't believe in war or funding project that could keep the environment safe or create jobs through clean energy measures. No Rand Paul is all about fiscal responsibility, however, the only presidents, in recent history, to lower the deficit were Democratic presidents and not Republican. No, not even their political Messiah, Ronald Reagan. No, he raised the debt ceiling 18 times. But Obama is the biggest spender? Sure that makes perfect sense.

'Rand Paul opened a campaign office in the African-American section of Louisville, and spoke about racial justice at the National Urban League’s conference. You’re saying don’t be fooled. Why? "Georgia Davis Powers, 91, has spent her life in the civil rights movement. She was a friend and confidante of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In 1967, she was the first woman and person of color elected to the Kentucky state Senate, where she served for 21 years. Georgia Davis Powers: I have been involved in politics for the past 50 years. I go by a person’s record. And his voting record does not show me that he is sincere. And I believe that he’s reaching out into the African-American community trying to bring more votes for himself and his party, but understand that our trust has to be earned. And he has not proven to me that he has earned the trust of the African-American community. I look at his record and he has been opposed to so many things that I have fought for, for years, having served in the Kentucky Senate for 21 years. I know your record is your legacy." (3).

I noticed an article, where, Ron Paul claims blacks dislike war because they want more money for food stamps. Unfortunately for Mr. Paul, there's more whites on food stamps than any other race in the country. But, it goes to show the way he thinks about you black man/woman. Ron thinks you desire for terrorist to invade the U.S. and take hostages so that you can have food stamps. Of course, this only makes sense if you're a conspiracy theorist. I've never cared about Rand/Ron for any political office, especially when they oppose those who helped make America what it is today without any credit. Instead of encouragement, Ron Paul attacks blacks because he assumes if you're black, you must be on food stamps. The sad part is some 'house slaves' voted for Ron and Rand. Why vote for Rand because he has a mop on his head, or some find him attractive? I would advise against supporting a candidate for their looks; what people say when they think no one's watching is what reveals their true character. And on many occasions, the Pauls have proved themselves unworthy of support from the African American community; especially but not limited to Christians. He wants to cut social programs while at the same time, providing the largest corporate welfare possible. Do you understand this? Conservatives want to steal from the poor to give to the rich what they don't need, a hand up. Sounds like the Paul's are wolves in sheep's clothing. Some people view African American and other minorities through a lens unfamiliar to the majority of Americans. Not to mention the fact, I repeat, the majority of food stamp recipients are white. The state of the highest poverty almost always votes Republican. So, in other words, Paul is saying these black people are horrible people, but I am partially to blame. Oh, he's not saying that? Okay.

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