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According To The Cuban False Pastor Rafel Cruz, Ted Cruz Has Benn Chosen By God To Be President? #Haha

(Draft)Religious Leaders Urge Sen. Ted Cruz to Make Hunger and Poverty a Priority. So, there's an article urging Ted Cruz to 'make hunger and poverty a priority,' I nearly threw up laughing.  Religious leaders, you do know Ted Cruz, the Canadian, blocks every and anything to help low-income folks, right?  When will the Religious Right get the message, Cruz isn't focused on your household.  To be fair, the entire Republican party isn't for American families because they serve their donors bidding. If you think any Republican would be for  families of any socio-economic status, you're nuts, knowingly or otherwise, you're nuts. Cruz is a far-right corporatist capitalist, conservative, the Republican party doesn't have an interest in making a level playing field, at least not economically, but they do have an interest in deceiving you into thinking they have your best interest at heart. Cruz and other Republicans laugh with you and then slap you on the back.  You see, Cruz is far from unintelligent, in fact, he's extremely intelligent but ignorant within regards to health care, however, conservatives believe Cruz of all people will change positions on social issues because he's a potential presidential candidate.  No, in fact, Cruz stated he'd do more to shrink the size of government and cut spending, which, of course, means that resources will also decrease.    After all, Cruz voted to reduce food aid to the poor, elderly, single mothers, handicapped veterans, and children.    Cruz doesn't sound like a Christian, let alone one who will jump at a chance to feed the poor, at least not with the government, which is odd because conservatives want to pick and choose which part of the Bible is for them, but they disregard the rest.    We see a pattern of this double standard with folks like Cruz.    Cruz reaches into a conservative magic hat and tears away the 'God hates gays' card.  Yes, dude, we know God doesn't care for homosexuality, so what else is fresh?  Besides condemning homosexuals, Cruz wants to reject gay marriage, fine, but you must have alternatives for people of different lifestyle such as civil marriages, etc.  It's not that I do or don't agree with the two previous lessons; it's that as president you must be inclusive.
Extremism coupled with intelligence is a dangerous concoction. Because much of what Ted Cruz says from his far-right views often contradict facts or evidence for that matter. Cruz attempted to sabotage Obamacare, but in slight defense the Koch brothers paid him well to shut down the government over the health care law. So let me get things straight, conservatives are calling on a man who wants to deny millions of poor people and middle-income folks including senior citizens, veterans, and disabled people

The only direction to truly have 'freedom of religion' is to have a secular government, let me explain.  A secular government in and of itself is void of spiritual persuasion.  Thus, we sustain the ability to have religious freedom to the fullest, unlike any other country.  Just look at the so-called 'Islamic State' where a strict fundamental interpretation of Islamic law governs the masses. Now, Iraq and Syria are at least to some degree under Islamic State's control.  Ted Cruz would rather spend taxpayer dollars on unnecessary wars than spend money lifting poor people out of their destitute state.  Ted Cruz nor his Cuban right-wing false prophet pastor father, don't see the world, in the same manner, the rest of us do. Subsequently all, Ted Cruz's father claims Cruz is a prophet, anointed for the White House. Besides the fact that's an utterly hysterically bizarre, his father is saying, you better not speak against Ted because you're talking against a prophet of God. Insert sinister laugh here.  A real prophet wouldn't refuse feeding the poor or curing the sick by means of health care. Let's not forget the fact, Ted Cruz along with 46 other Senators committed treason by trying to be pen pals with the Iranian Ayatollah in violation of the 'Logan Act.' The act indicates talking to foreign leaders, interfering without authorization during negotiations with his executive branch is basically against the law.  Right now, President Obama along with other world powers to include France, Germany, Russia, are focusing on a deal that would bring a diplomatic solution to Irans nuclear uranium enrichment plan.  As a matter of fact, about 450,000 people signed a petition urging the Department of Justice investigates these 47 Senators for violating a United States treaty.  That's an instance of his horrendous judgment.  To undermine, even diminish, the office of the presidential term while the Executive branch is in sensitive negotiations about weapons of mass destruction.  I would imagine most people would be for peace.  However, that's no the case some people receive generous contributions for promoting the war via defense contractors.
 Let's discuss Mr. Cruz's voting record.

 Opposed to Tax Increase on Wealthy 
1).First, he oppresses a 'tax increase' on the wealthiest Americans. Today, the poor to lower middle class pay a higher percentage of taxes than the richest people in America. In addition, tax breaks are given to the rich, but not the poor, and Cruz is fine with it.

 Pro-Federal Reserve Audit 
 2). He supports audit of the Federal Reserve. It's it ironic; he wants the government to more of less audit themselves. But conservatives are for small government, right? Yeah, right.

 Flat Taxer
 3). Here's another bizarre position Mr. Cruz supports, which is a flat tax rate. In other words, everyone pays a flat tax rate. The richest people wouldn't agree with that; especially when they can get tax cuts from Republican prostitute senators. A flat tax rate throws the whole system into a state of shock, in that, the crash the economy, again.

4). Is a strong opponent of the Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as Obamacare. He claimed Obamacare was socialism, and God would be mad at us. But just this past week, he signed his family up for the growing in popularity health care law. What a hypocrite. He has his base of constituent morons babbling on conservative radio shows pure garbage about the health care law, but every one of these easily scared conservatives could use the law for themselves or their families. There's a former sheriff who has so much pride, it's immensely pathetic. He and his wife are having medical issues, and the bills are piling up; however, he refuses to go on Obamacare. So he started a charity fund online for people to donate money, money he could have saved by simply enrolling in a health care plan of his choice. Instead, people have to donate to this man because his pride is beyond unreasonable. He hates Obama so much that he's willing to put his family in debts. That's like breaking your things and being mad at the person you broke the items over.

 Raising Age for Social Security
5).He supports raising the age for Medicare eligibility. Do you understand what that means?  The old, ill-informed Republicans are voting to lift the age, elderly people qualify for essentially a socialist form of medical insurance. But if the Affordable Care Act were tweaked, the eligibility for Medicare would essentially be irrelevant. However, Cruz, in part, staunchly opposes Obamacare, and there's no doubt little will change it. So the Religious Right can dream.  As mentioned earlier, Ted Cruz is in favor of elevating the age to qualify for Social Security, but many everyday workers, disabled veterans and the alike are not in favor of this.  I don't think Cruz's constitutes realize what he's up to with their tax bucks.  He's voting against the interests of the people he's supposed to help.  And now, conservatives want Cruz to make a Christian blasphemous Caliphate essentially because they're flocking to Cruz without realizing what he views.  Retirement social security is something you make for it shouldn't be reduced or messed with at all! If you care for the elderly, why would you vote for an individual who votes against you?  Open your mind just a little, it's clear Cruz doesn't have you or your family's best interests in judgment.

 Privatization of Social Security 
6).He supports privatization of Social Security, which is nothing more than handing your money to investors, expecting them to be honest with your investments. As we say we the economic crisis in 2008, that not a good idea. He doesn't support federal regulation of greenhouse gasses. He's a Global Warming denier; against all evidence, and plenty of cash from donors, he's willing to prance around the truth of fossil fuel emissions.

7).As a Cuban born in Canada, he doesn't support a pathway to citizenship, which is sickening since he's an immigrant. He and his father are loathsome characters.

 Gun Rights 
8). He supports unfettered gun rights, although it''s unconstitutional, he doesn't want a single regulation on guns. As a matter of fact, after the 27 people murdered at Sandy Hook, and Cruz rejected calls for background checks. He prides himself with this as a victory for gun rights. However, he does so at the expense of innocent children murdered by an emotionally disturbed teen.

Pro-Life (Fine). 
9). He's Pro-Life, I always find this one ironic. You're pro guns, which cause death, while, at the same time, you're against any form of gun control.

 Pro-Death Penalty 
10). Cruz is also pro death penalty. Again, I find the irony comical if it weren't such a serious issue.

Pro-Voter Suppression 
11). He supports voter suppression, which makes it difficult for minorities, poor and disabled folks to vote requires an additional ID. I think this is sickening because the one thing people should have is the right to pick to choose their elected officials.

 As noted, these are a few examples of Mr. Cruz views. In my humble opinion, Ted Cruz's voting record does not reflect Christian principles.

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