Thursday, March 19, 2015

White Bat Crazed Parents Hate 'Black History Month.'

Black History Month. It's a month which focuses on the historic contribution made by African Americans in this country. However, some despise this thought of youngsters learning about other races. I can respect their nervousness. However, I reject their ignorance and clear disconnectedness within regards to the information taught in these courses. For the majority of the year, pupils learn about European history, and from a certain perspective at that. Learning about each other's history is an inclusive remedy for hesitancy to embrace other cultures, thus, taking people through education. Of course, it's nothing new for parents to be outraged at the notion of inclusive education. I suspect many more parents think people constantly make everything about race; even so, that's a subjective conclusion and not representative of the facts. While it is true black and Hispanics for that matter, would love to learn more about their history, they rarely say anything to persuade the teacher otherwise. I am ill of these ethnic entitled people who think it's their way or no way; because that's not how life works. Furthermore, children don't pick which lessons are instructed. Elsewise many nonsensical things might be taught, such as religion for scientific assertions, etc. For example, science doesn't affect my personal religious belief whatsoever. If classes teach about evolution, for instance, I am not going to run out of class and cry on Fox News because they didn't teach Creationism, which I believe to a certain degree.

 Case and point, Virginia's Orange County Public School District is under fire from an eight-year-olds parents, Charles and Rebecca. The couple claims they noticed kids wearing "Hands Up Don't Shoot" shirts at her daughter's school. The mother contacted Charles, after looking over the assembly pamphlet, and conveyed her concern about assembly. In her words, she was "ticked off" (1) when a student walked on stage saying "Hand Up Don't Shoot." (1). Charles told Rebecca to pull her from school. The school was in the spirit of solidarity concerning police brutality against anyone; it just happened to be 'black history month. So, the high school students sported shirts with the words, 'Black Lives Matter, and I Can't Breathe.' Rebecca reported to Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the emcee. Apparently Charles and Rebecca's daughter was to sing in a choir performance; Students started coming out on stage saying, '" am Ferguson, Missouri. I was told to put my hands up. I did, and I was shot seven times. My name is Michael Brown." (1). Rebecca said she decided to let her daughter stay at the event, where the girl was scheduled to sing with a choir. Now the parents want to apology for putting their daughter in reality, the reality of what some not all black men face during a confrontation with law enforcement officers. We know blacks are 57% as likely to be pulled over by cops as opposed to their white counterparts. Also, blacks are nearly 82% most likely to have their car searched, unconstitutionally, when whites are 23% more likely to have contraband. Anyone who says America is a post-racial society is living in a dream; a false reality might I add.

 Source 1). TRACY WALSH. (19 MARCH 2015). White Parents On Fox News Condemn School's Black History Month Event. Talking Points Memo.http://talkingpointsmemo.com/livewire/fox-black-history-month-lives-matter?utm_content=buffer1ee3e&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer

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