Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hair Hatted Hooligan Beats Her Kid Live On National TV For Joining The B...

I have seen this on zero newscasts it is, however, available online though. Tommy shows a video claims liberal media is showing this, and then he presents the video claiming it is 'Hollywood clowning black women.' Because, of course, that makes perfect sense if you are a close-minded conservative. Moreover, his daughter does not live with him, yet he consistently talks about other people's children as though his situation is better, sounds like he's projecting his circumstance onto others, which is the ultimate sissy move. #StayClassy He is so against the "liberal" media, yet he shows this video too. His father could have been at work, so you lie claiming something you couldn't possibly know, to this your conservative (Bill Whittle the fraud, and Fox no News) warped sense of reality. Dude constantly calls the mainstream media "liberal," even though they're corporate owned conservative newscasts. Finally, why are you watching so-called, "liberal" news since you're so conservative. #hypocrisy.

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