Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Indiana's 'Religious Freedom Law' Is State Approved Religious Intrusion.

Anyone with a computer or an am radio knows that Indiana Governor Pence signed a law legalizing discrimination. Before you think I am taking either side, please allow me to explain. My response deals with three aspects of the law and the rationale behind the recently passed 'religious freedom' bill. In addition, yesterday Arkansas passed a similar bill essentially legalizing discrimination using 'religious conviction' as a defense. Since then, the  Governor asked the Arkansas General Assembly to recall the bill to make fixes, so the law resembles the federal Religious Freedom law.

1). Personal Conviction VS. Public Servitude.

First of all, I am a Christian and have strong personal beliefs about issues, but if I were in public office, I must serve all the people of the state of which I am a representative. This law did not pass by  the public voting for or against it; the people of Indiana didn't vote at all. As a matter of fact, this law is the result of lobbyists and special interest groups who bought this weak, sissy Indiana State Congress. Don't get me wrong, we cannot put the entire blame on the rich folks,  we must also blast right-wing radio show hosts. These radio shows are dangerous because those who don't think for themselves are prone to be Republican, conservative. I don't say that as a diss, I too was raised in a chaotic yet conservative environment. I am ashamed to admit it, but I too consumed some of these outright blasphemous right-wing media outlets. As lame yet true as it may sound, after the Iraq war, I simply changed my views completely about not only the conservative Republican position, but the entire conservative narrative of the world. As I consumed center and left-leaning media, I realized the lies on the right outweighed any truth. As I compared information within regards to how stories were presented and the level of spin the right, conservatives place on news stories, as a means of fear. To me, it's evil to scare people with non-truths. Take, for example, the fear mongering tactics used as a way to instill both hate and fear, they often result in altered sense of reality for conservatives. In addition, hatred for anything liberal or centrist in any way, but people hardly question whether they're being lied to, ever; nor do conservatives ask why radio show hosts are lying to them. Of course, this question is reasonable, in that, it's the thought of feeling disingenuous with their world view that kills curiosity. You see. Some conservatives sincerely believe God loves only those who share their political viewpoint and hates everyone else, but that simply isn't the case. Sure a person must believe in Jesus Christ as God incarnate who came to save man from sin. Of course, you must believe this, or you're not in any way a Christian as defined by the Bible. But don't conclude. Therefore, we must have the same demonstrates the problem with using religion for policies.  If we truly want religious freedom, which I strongly support, the government in policy must remain neutral; primarily secular. Again, not saying the government should be an atheist, but neutral. Not that people should be secular, but in order to serve all people without prejudice the government's point of view matters. Should a person have the right to  refuse to bake a cake for a gay marriage? I don't feel a person should be forced to do so. But beyond that narrow scope, I think it's debatable, but not likely, in that, a business must serve all. Right-wing  media have gotten so bad that some people are jumping ship with the Republican party altogether. I liken the Republican party to the mental illness Schizophrenia full of delusions, voices in their ears,  and blaming all of their problems on their person conflicted homosexual tendencies. Because let's be real, no grown heterosexual man is worried homosexuals are a threat to their existence. This law doesn't just affect gays, but it also affects anyone people dislike, using this religious freedom law as a cover. For example, an interracial couple wants a wedding cake can now be turned away because, well, we don't serve your kind here. There are laws similar to this, yet in no way resemble the ambiguity. An interracial couple recently experienced harassment because they were interracial. Oh, and the people harassing the couple identified themselves as KKK members and Christian. So, the unintended consequences of the law may be more trouble than it's worth. Remember, there's not many bakery's that this law would affect, as that's the reasoning for the law in the first place. There's a handful of bakers and florist across Indiana that this law would be beneficial for, but the law can be used for outright discrimination. Places of business can now discriminate people of other faiths or ethnic origin and claim this religious freedom law to cover their actions.

2). The changing narrative of Right Wing Media

Obamacare is evil, wicked because some plans give women the option of using contraceptives; which, by the way, has lowered the abortion rate to a 40 year low. In addition, the teen pregnancy is at an all time low, so even as  conservatives claim otherwise, please note there are plenty of articles available from reputable sources, I might add. Conservative media rarely objectively report facts, as a matter of fact, their sole  goal is to misinform you and have you remain ignorant. Unfortunately, conservative media skews facts are they good or bad to fit a certain narrative. A narrative the most certainly portrays them as victims. You see, conservatives love to appear victimized; even in the 'land of the free.' Go figure. From Obama taking your guns to immigration to sexual assault on college campuses, to that apocalyptic mark of the beast, Obamacare. Turns out the Obamacare thing, not so true. Rape on a college campus is a real issue, and ISIS is not entering the U.S through Mexico. Obama hasn't taken a single firearm from you people. As we can see, at all turns conservatives were not only misled into error, but deliberately lied to their naive minds.

3). Religious Freedom in General

What is Religious Freedom, and what does it protect? According to Indiana hypocrite Governor Pence it means blacks, people living in alternative lifestyles
, and /or anything prejudice folks can think of to hide under this 'religious freedom' law. Because the law is written so incredibly vague, one can use the law to refuse service to anyone. Once you read the law, you'll understand, exactly, what I am saying. If denying service to the folk sounds farfetched, please note It's, already, happened. There's a video showing a man praying a satanic prayer before the city council, of course, people were  upset, but no one interrupted the man. Although it was disturbing to hear, the law protects any faith against infringement. Our constitution states we have freedom of religion which should be enough to  defend ourselves. Even with this law, it can be challenged in court, and the person claiming the religious freedom law could still lose the case under federal law. Federal law supersedes state  law, and there's a federal anti-discrimination law.
In addition, today a Pizzeria announced they will not serve homosexuals, and now, they have cover to deny homosexuals service. I respect religious freedom, and as stated, I have personal religious convictions and beliefs.

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