Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Judy Miller Tries To Erase Her Disgraced Iraq Cheerleader Status.

Judith Miller worked for the New York Times during the run-up to the Iraq war. After September 11, 2001 she reported time and again that the threat of Saddam Hussien's nuclear terror was all but certain. She wrote salacious headlines like,  "US Says Hussein Intensifies Quest for A-Bomb Parts." The Bush administration used the fear from September 11, 2001 to create an environment of fear, panic, and it gave Bush the leverage he needed to start two wars in the Middle East. First, after the terror attacks on that fateful Tuesday in 2001, rather than accepting the Afganistan offer to arrest Bin Laden, as they offered to do, Bush invaded  the Afgan country without a clear objective, goal or exit strategy. Furthermore, Bush and the Right took their eye off the ball (so to speak) and began pushing for a war in Iraq. Thus, a full court press on the psyche of the American people commenced, constantly speaking of "we don't want the final proof to be a mushroom cloud." That was the classic fear-mongering phrase that made all of us nervous. In addition, we were led to believe Saddam had a personal relationship with Osama Bin Laden, more disturbingly the notion was pushed Saddam sponsored terrorism, trained terrorist to use poisonous gases, paid the families of suicide bombers, all of which were false.

But now, Judy Miller, a disgraced journalist in my opinion, is promoting a new book. In the face of much deserved criticism, she wants to erase the stained blemishes she has on her career in being one of the main forefront cheerleaders in deceiving the American people into a war, which at this point has killed directly or indirectly upwards of 500,000 Iraqis and nearly 4,500 U.S. soldiers, injuring directly or indirectly 37,000 U.S. military personnel.

Judy Miller wrote about aluminum tubes (which couldn't be used as nuke centrifuges) wasn't reported, but the implication of these aluminum tubes was enough to push an alternative reality of which was completely fabricated, to say the least. Many in the intelligence community, including weapons inspectors, couldn't believe what they were hearing, assuring those tubes couldn't be used for nukes. But no one listened or wanted to hear that the Bush administration blatantly, willingly lied to the American people. Bush and company altered facts twisted other claims, deleted evidence refuting the comments they made publicly, and fashioned data in a way that made the case for war. Time and again Bush officials said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and he was willing to use them on our friends and allies. Cheney said there was no doubt Saddam was actively seeking to acquire nukes. During the run up to the illegal invasion of Iraq, then Defense Secretary, Donald Rumsfeld said, "anyone with an active intelligence agency knows Saddam has weapons of mass destruction." Don't believe me search for yourself.

Dick Cheney said there was bulletproof evidence Saddam, in fact, had a working relationship with terror cells. Only this claim wouldn't make sense, you see, Saddam's Baathist party was secular; therefore, Saddam didn't trust Bin Laden because he thought Osama was a religious zealot and he didn't want to be associated with that type of activity. Saddam was a bad guy, but he was an ally against Iran. Saddam hated Iran more than Americans do. Furthermore, Saddam had control of his country; he was a bad guy, but there was no terrorist in Iraq until after America invaded. And then, it was open season on US soldiers, who were dying because of lies. What rose from the ashes of George war criminal Bush? ISIL.
This is how the scam worked, the Bush administration would leak information they, essentially made up, to Judy Miller, she wrote a story on the leaked info and Dick Cheney or other Bush administration officials would come on Sunday shows referencing the New York Times and attributing the research and journalistic  vetting of the information in the article to the New York Times. Team Bush made it appear that  they hadn't leaked any info to the Times, and they certainly didn't craft a favorable narrative that affirmed the Bush administration's known position on Iraq. The conservative media lied to the American people, but Obama's a liar because he gave better healthcare plans. Right. Let's get something straight, Judy Miller was far from the only person parroting Bush propaganda

Behind the scene, Bush and company was manipulating the media and the intelligence community to craft reports most favorable to the administration's said claim, Iraq possessed WMD. The mushroom cloud, don't forget to include a reference to mushroom clouds. At one point, Bush was so worried there were no weapons that he thought about alternative ways of drawing Saddam into a military confrontation, one of which included a United Nations plane flying over the 'no-fly zone' and if it was fired at, that would be justification to enter military combat operations.  Bush used his so-called "preemptive" war strategy to attack a sovereign nation, although we disagree with Saddam to the utmost, that's not justification for an invasion. A preemptive war is said to be the worst of war crimes because therein constitutes all other war crimes. Which is to say that each kill isn't a combat kill, it's murder plain and simple. In a Malaysian 'war crimes tribunal', George Bush has been tried and convicted, granted absentee of war crimes to include mass murder, genocide, and torture. Bush even went so far as to search Gog and Magog, which is a Biblical end-times reference. George Bush was on a Messianic Biblical goal to cause the end of the world. Judy can play the victim card all she wants, but  the fact of the matter is, no one truly respects her Iraq reporting, and people should answer before Congress as to how or why Judy received information crafted for war.
  But don't trust me, search for yourself.

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