Monday, April 6, 2015

Mrs. Nancy Perry, a Bizzare Teacher, Claims Students Parent's Aren't Christian if They Voted For Obama.

Nancy Perry, a teacher at Dublin, Georgia  middle school, raised concerns with a parent over her illogical and drastically bigoted, racist insinuating, right-wing ideals that President Obama is not a Christian. Even though Obama has repeatedly expressed his Christian faith, went to church and just this past weekend exclaimed Jesus Christ died and rose from the dead for mankind's sin. So either she's a false accuser or she's a bigoted false accuser; those are the only relative initial conclusions; that I will explain her rationale for these false claims she makes. Furthermore Mrs. Nancy Perry, who has scary demon eye's, went on to say that if a student's parents voted for Obama, they weren't Christian either. So she judged President Obama's "Christianity" and not only his faith in Christ, but also the faith of her student's parents, which is completely inappropriate. And shocking, shocking that a teacher would be so stupid. Not to mention the fact, when the parents met with the teacher over the alleged comments her husband, who, by the way, is on the school board, claims she learned her lesson. I don't think it's about simply learning a lesson, and she needs to be fired. The place in which children are taught should be a place of learning, not personal bigotry or irrational political opinions.The idiot superintendent claims he's taken action, and all the action he will take. No, cocky attitude bigoted Superintendent, you owe it to those children to have non-racist, political literate   teachers in classrooms. If my child were in that class, I would be furious with this teacher's comments.

This "teacher" must be fired or forced to resign. It's inappropriate dozens  different ways. And, the candy apple superintendent needs his head out of his ass and get with the program. You cannot have teachers berate the President of the United States in such a manner.  Because for one, there's a 'separation of church and state.' However, today that line is blurred, especially with hateful people. Please allow me to explain exactly why she thinks Obama's not a Christian because the right-wing talking points, brains are all one-in-the-same.

For one, she thinks Obama is pro-abortion.

Well, not only is this teacher stupid with ignorance, but she also lacks facts to take into consideration.

1). The abortion rate is at a 40 year low. This fact can be found in numerous reputable news sources. Yes, the lowest abortion rate since 1973, which is a direct result of Obama's policies and yes, Obamacare plays a significant role in this equation. Also, the teen birth rate is at an all-time-low. So much for the pro-Obama abortion insinuation because it's false. Teachers care about facts, right? It doesn't appear Mrs. Perry cares about anything save her distorted mental capacity to decipher facts, vs. Right wing propaganda.

Unfortunately for right wingers, they won't hear these low abortion numbers because instead of thanking God, they'll go make another 180 abortion film, but will people admit the abortion/teen pregnancy is at an all time low? Of course, they won't, conservatives love playing the victim, claiming rights are under attack, and I partially agree but not to the same degree. In conclusion, it's counterproductive for teachers to make theocratic political speeches in public schools. Especially to judge a person you've never met.
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