Wednesday, April 8, 2015

South Carolina Officer, Michael Slager, Charged in Murder of Unarmed Black Man.

Another day, another black man dead at the hands of a white cop's service pistol. The officer who shot, Walter Scott is officer Michael Slager, 33, was arrested after a video surfaced completely contradicting his claim he fired in self-defense. Of course, the video is so cut and dry, the officer was charged with the murder of Walter Scott. Whether the officer will be found guilty is another question, but I am not keeping hope this cop won't get off. The shooting took place on April 4th of this year, in a seemingly never ending cycle of 'cop on black' crime, a video show a South Carolina Police Officer shot, killed Walter L. Scott, 54, a father of four initially pulled over for a broken tail light, he did have an arrest warrant for unpaid child support payments. The video, released yesterday, appears to show Officer Micheal Slager use a stun gun on Mr. Scott, at which point Walter Scott turns to run from the officer. At which point, the officer drew his weapon and riddled the black man's body with five bullets, three additional rounds discharged from the officer's pistol, missing Scott.

 After the shooting, the suspect lay dying on the cold grass; the officer at no point attempts any life-saving aid to  Scott and yelling "put your hands behind your back", but he didn't move, again. In South Carolina the African American unemployment near 8.7 percent, as opposed to 5.3 percent for whites, there's little wonder why child support woes create a toxic environment for both parents. According to Wikipedia, African Americans make up 29.5% of South Carolina's population. Whereas the statistics for whites, including Irish, German, and English and people who identify as 'white Americans', estimate to be around American (13.9%), English (8.4%), German (8.4%) and Irish (7.9%).

Thank God for social media and camera on phones.

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Social Media Reacts To WalterScott’s Murder.
Yet another black person has become a hashtag after being killed by a police officer. The Roots. http://www.theroot.com/blogs/the_grapevine/2015/04/social_media_reacts_to_walterscott_s_murder.html?cq_ck=1428505728382&utm_content=bufferb5300&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer

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