Wednesday, April 29, 2015

State Republican Congressman Claims He'd Murder Himself to Prove Murder is Wrong.

The Religious Right is out of control, making propositions they know they would not follow through with. What do I mean, you ask? A Republican politician, Oklahoma State Rep. Kevin Calvey (R), boldly proclaimed that he would set himself ablaze to show he's a real man, strongly against women making their own health care decisions. Because whether we like it or not, people have a choice to whom they will serve or who they will reject.  The genius State Congressman claims there's a prohibition against suicide or he'd murder himself to prove murdering is wrong, I know follow the logic, right?

Although abortion is at a 40 year low, Republicans won't mention it. If they prayed for lower abortion rates, as I have, one would think they'd be enthusiastic about it, but there's two reasons why they aren't showing gratitude, more on that later. Rep. Kevin Calvey (R) an Oklahoma State Rep conveniently claims he'd do something he knows he'd never do. Conservatives seem to resolve their emotion with violence, just look at Iraq and Afghanistan, they're  on fire because of conservative incompetence and end times apocalyptic views, which they believe they would spark through the Iraq war because of Gog and Magog and stuff. Yeah. Right.
1). Obamacare offers free preventative health care receptacles, etc., which is NOT abortion nor a pill taken, nor a shot, you can research what I mean on your own, however.
2). He has to maintain fear in his naive electoral base, whom believe in nonsense like Chemtrails, government conspiracies. Conservatives count on their base being angry at minorities, immigration, gun rights, religious freedom, socialism, fascism, totalitarian dictators once you realize the mindset of conservative Republicans it becomes clear, the way the Right thinks is completely inconsistent with the modern world or void of societal issues as they exist and not as they interpret them.

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