Monday, May 25, 2015

Stop Justifying Josh Duggar. What About The Victims?

I, personally, am repulsed by Josh Duggar apologists jumping, in front of a camera, to defend his sexual molestation. I see such a disconnect, by conservatives, between the kids rioting in  Baltimore, also in their teens, and the Religious Right's unconditional support for an admitted child molester. The protesters and looters were thugs, according to conservatives and should all be jailed. But when it comes to their "boy" Josh, he gets a get-out-of-jail-free card and is above social reproach as well. Look, what Josh did is indefensible. Is he forgiven if he's a Christian?  Absolutely. What also is true is, the fact that these victims are real, and their emotional pain  creates an unbalanced sense of sexuality, its value, proper context,  etc.,  Because as far as I can  see people who were sexually molested hurt for the rest of their lives, it's not like physical abuse  that goes away as the wounds heal. No, sexual abuse causes severe emotional relation issues and a warped sense of what meaningful relationships entail, if not for sex.

Erick Hovind is known for his circular logic and his latest defense of admitted child molester Josh Duggar has proved no different. From the onset, Hovind sets up a straw man argument. He claims Josh was wrong. Therefore, he should work for an organization like the 'Family Research Council' which is designated a hate group, according to the 'Southern Poverty Law Center,' a hate watchdog group.
What's  also undeniably troubling is the fact Hovind irony of Josh Duggar was already being punished by  kicking other's when they're down and rubbing their face in the dirt while the skeletons in his closet  are far darker than theirs. In addition, Hovind claims if evolution is true Josh did nothing wrong, which is nonsense. Because even if evolution is true, child molestation is against the law. There are Christians who don't find a problem with the Biblical interpretation of Genisis and evolution.

I am a Christian, but do NOT, in any way, support neither the so-called 'Family Research Council' or the 'American Family Association' which again are deemed hate  groups, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. What's the big fuss over liberals and progressives? Josh Duggar was just 14 years old, so what he molested kids back then. I agree, he was 14 the time they caught Josh reoffending. I do believe this went on far more often than has come to light. About a year ago, I stopped watching the show with my daughter; I said I have a  bad feeling about this family. Something isn't right here. Oddly enough, I never cared for Josh's  arrogant attitude and his sense of entitlement for being on a reality tv show was slightly annoying.

People ask how long society should punish the eldest Duggar child; however, he was never punished.  Furthermore, sex crimes, especially committed as a teen who knows right from wrong is troubling to say the least, and it's not something you just forget about, for many reasons, not the least, of  which, is to "punish" him. You claim he went to treatment. However, the person he sought treatment from was accused of sexually grooming 30 children. By the time Jim Bob took Josh to authorities, they had taken him to a deputy who spoke sternly to Josh. But, the deputy is currently serving a 60-year sentence for child porn charges. Do you see a pattern? Sex crimes against children damage them for LIFE. It's not the same as physical abuse. I can only imagine how the sexual abuse will affect the girls in their sexual, emotional relationship with their husbands. They may use sexuality as a form of passive-aggressive emotional abuse because of what happened to them or have a warped sense of sexuality. People with compassion, love and empathy, care for the victims.
 While it is true Josh Duggar confessed his sin, he continued molesting girls until caught in the act a year later. Who knows how much longer this actually went on, we may never know. But I guarantee you it was not a few times. As a result, five girls will struggle with his deeds forever. So while we can agree he's confessed it's not the same as  admitting something you do NOT know is wrong; therefore, you used a straw man argument. Also, Josh committed sex crimes, and should have been properly dealt with the issues. He should have left the family home until such time he had proper therapy.
If as you say he acknowledged it, why didn't Jim Bob report the sexual abuse until a year later? Did they have an epiphany at the fifth child being molested? No. No. God's  merciful, but they, the Duggar family, shouldn't get a  pass for putting other girls in that home at risk. Josh clearly has issues because, at 14, you know right from wrong, and you surely no touching children in a sexual manner is immoral. Again, I am a Christian, and I believe God forgives, although I do NOT believe he's been rehabilitated, and I  worry about his children. You can think I am a bad person for caring about his children all you want, but it is true.
I wish people would focus on the victims versus trying to justify Josh's  behavior 'on the slick'.
To say people are against Josh simply because of his beliefs is not only  false, but it waters down the fact that his victims are real, and I pray for those girls who may be  emotionally damaged in ways unimaginable.
As you pointed out, he wasn't just accused he admitted doing it. By the way, some of what he did would be considered a felony. But, here's the other reason people have major issues with this, Jim Bob knew what was going on but did NOT  take Josh to the police until a year later. Get this, Jim Bob took Josh to a deputy who was a  family friend. Not a real investigation, but he spoke sternly to Josh, attempting to scare him straight. But that Deputy is doing 60 years for child porn. Next, they took Josh to a Christian Counselor, accused of grooming over 30 children. Do you see a pattern? Was Josh molested as a child? Child molestation happens in cycles, so hopefully no one else was abused in the Duggar home. I do think it's ironic that Josh worked for an organization preaching against homosexuality, implying homosexuals are a threat to children as they molest children while he, Josh, sexually molested at least five girls some of which are his sisters.


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