Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Take Down The Confederate Flag.

 It's hard to fathom the Religious Right hijacking the Massacre in a South Carolina church, where Dylan Roof came to a Bible study, sat with folks for nearly an hour, and then opened fire on the congregation murdering, in all, nine people. Most think churches, of all places, should be the safest and a place to come for redemption, worship and to better one's self. Instead, the devil was in Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Conservative nuts are pointing every way except the obvious motive that is racial the historical significance of the church. If you hear a conservative say, it wasn't race motivated, ask why he didn't go to a white church? Because they know it's obvious, the level of premeditation, and the time he sat with the group of church members is an indication of not a troubled young man. Dylan knew what he wanted to do and why.

On Dylan's Facebook page, there's a picture of Dylan wearing a jacket, his eyes looking through you not at but through you, with African apartheid era flags, symbolism for white nationalism. But, let's not forget the fact that he kept a woman alive to tell people what he had done and why. Dylan claimed "you're raping our women, and taking over this country, so you have to go." But, where on earth would Dylan be brainwashed? I mean, let conservatives tell it, Dylan was a leftist, or God's wrath for abortion (even though it's at a 40-year-low). Let's get one thing straight, this shooting had nothing to do with Christianity. If it did, I would be the first to point it out. This man manipulated by conservatism and its lies represents the prevalent part of the Republican Party. A nationalistic ideology, mixing religion with race superiority, political, and social ideology is the embodiment of terror. This kid is no different from ISIL, terrorism on American streets, most of the time, is completely right-wing affiliated.Those websites that mix the word patriot with God or patriot Christian, the two don't go together. I am starting to wonder if the Southern Poverty Law Center wasn't on to something; the only terrorist in America are right-wing. Even Muslim fundamentalism is a right-wing ideology just of a different faith. Dylan Roof, the man allegedly responsible for the mass murder at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, may have been initiated into the white supremacist movement by an organization that has for years been associated with Southern politicians, mostly Republican, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. The group in question is the Council of Conservative Citizens. Why are we so concerned about terrorism in other countries when minorities are being terrorized in the United States? Is the United States hypocritical for calling out another country for human rights violations when we incarcerate more people than any other countries? When we have the most police brutality and shootings than any other country, why are we telling other countries they should treat their citizens right when the United States still waves  a Confederate flag over the

South Carolina capital? To many African Americans, the Confederate flag is about anything but heritage; some heritages are better left in the past. The Confederate flag of hatred, slavery, burning of African Americans, lynchings of African Americans, false imprisonment of blacks, raping black women, and forcing the notion that African Americans were inferior, which is why they taught them, falsely, about a white Jesus. The flag reminds blacks; they're still 3/5's of a man. That flag is no different than ISIL's black flag. You'll say NO it's not the same, but I disagree. You see both ISIL and the KKK are conservatives in their right. Both ISIL and the KKK's flag waves to remind those who don't think are looks like they do, you're inferior. Let's not forget the North prevailed and won the Civil War, but you don't see us, Yankees waving the Union flag, which is the mature thing to do; you see, after winning the Civil War, we waved the UNITED STATES of AMERICA'S flag! Let's not forget the grace of the Union soldiers, when the Rebels surrendered in droves because they knew we would treat them well, feed them and wouldn't torture them. Of course, this wasn't so with the Rebels. So, I think, as adults, we can conclude to some degree, the Confederate flag, again, represents racism, oppression, burning of African Americans, lynchings of blacks. The flag of failure, the flag of those who lost not only the war, but their heritage was shattered; they haven't quite figured it out yet though. My guess is these 'Sons of Confederate' garbage will exist as long as racism does. Thus, unless we take steps to tear down the walls of separation, namely, the wicked flag, don't expect unity, don't expect empathy or understanding when you wave that flag on your tax-payer funded capital. Also, South Carolina at some point, must tear down those slave blocks. That is a history worth casting aside, put these in museums, but they shouldn't be on public funded areas, which leads me to Dylan Roof.

It's easy to blame his problems on mental illness, or claim he came to do harm to Christians; however, this was not the case. In fact, Dylan came to the church for it's historical roots, history. But that's for another time. Right now, I want to discuss his true rationale that was not the result of a mental illness. He said himself in a manifesto that he was disillusioned with the Trayvon Martin case, and he believed Zimmerman was in the right. He said, at that time; he searched for black on white crime and that he's never been the same since that day. He visited several conservative websites where they hype white on black crime and twist statistics to fit into their narrow-minded wold view. Dylann is the product of the Confederate flag, white nationalism, a false sense of identity, and blatant racism, which is what the Confederate flag represents.

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