Friday, July 10, 2015

Demon Dylann Roof Bought Gun Illegally.

   The difference between Dylan Roof and other situations is he was arrested pretty quick, so there was no need for protest, for that matter. The right presents a false sense of entitlement for themselves and dubs leftist as feeling entitled, but the exact opposite is true. First, most of you people have no idea what the Second Amendment says and what it does and doesn't say. But you claim it says you can have all the guns you want without regard for the safety of others. Most gun owners are killed with their weapon or trying to be a badass and killed by someone, else's weapon. Because let's face it, most gun nuts are unstable and mentally ill because no grown heterosexual man needs guns, unless in the military or law enforcement. Besides that, many weapons sold today should be illegal unless stored in a gun safe for the purpose the Second Amendment specifies, a well-regulated militia. Many people in my family are just as confused as you people are. Sure, I was in the military, but I believe guns are for specific purposes and that no one has the right to endanger others with their guns. Because most people never use their guns to kill anyone except gang member who live in the hoods. But that doesn't mean rednecks; therefore, should have unfettered access to firearms. Especially right wingers who are the Dylan Roof type of characters. Dylan Roof is no different than many right wingers if he didn't have a gun, this wouldn't have happened. Sure, you can say, well if someone at the church were armed people may not have died. But 9/10 the person returning fire is shot dead, so gun or no gun people would die.

Today we found out devil Dylan Roof obtain his gun illegally. If this isn't an indication that we need proper background checks, what is? The F.B.I said, oops, sorry. To hell with your cheap apology. A simple background check would have stopped the devil Roof from getting a firearm.

Aside from the firearm,  the larger problem is political, ideological, religious propaganda spun in a way that paints others as demons, as unworthy of life. For example, some of these conservative sites use faulty data to "prove" black on white crime is an epidemic and that the media refuses to report on this supposed reality. But what the sites don't say is the complete story, meaning whether the altercation was with a person they knew or self-defense, or the white individual harmed a family member of the so-called white person allegedly at the receiving end of an ass-kicking.
Now, I went to the F.B.I's website and in most categories whites are actually the man criminals in this country. But the funny thing, or not so funny, blacks are far more likely to be thrown in jail for the same infraction as whites. As a matter of fact, more blacks fill the prison than there were slaves in America. The prison industrial complex is a business and people get very wealthy on the number of inmates a facility holds. So, the more, the merrier. Also, poor blacks don't have resources to legal counsel as do their white counterparts. Blacks often take plea deals even though they may have been proven innocent at a trial; the public defender is swamped with inmates and the easiest way to resolve a case is to plea. Some poor people have low education, in that, they might not have finished high school, some not able to read feel they have no choice but to accept a lesser charge as a deal. It's sad. It's very sad, and it has to end.

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