Friday, July 31, 2015

Response To 'Coach Dave' Sissified Gospel

(Updated 8/3/15).
Dave Duebenmire penned a piece both admonishing and promoting violence against anyone who won't submit to his version of Christianity, of which I will explain. Dave claims, he's losing the culture war, the political war, demons are taking what's rightfully his children and grandchildren's, oh the irony. He goes on to claim there's a sissified gospel preached, and it needs to be emasculated. Well, that would mean he's saying there's another Gospel, which there is not another; therefore, Dave is telling you to forsake the gospel and create your own false sense of salvation through, as he says, violence with force and using every tool against the unbelievers to take back what he swears belongs to him and his children. His post is littered with racist 'dog whistles' and a false sense of entitlement. You see, you cannot take what is Dave's because it belongs to Dave. But, what exactly does he claim belongs to him? Well, he is tired of militant activists taking rights by force. He's tired of the powers of darkness entering every arena of society, but he won't get his, forgive me, fat ass up and do anything besides complain other's are sissified, but it's like they say, it takes one to know one.

News flash Dave, I think these so-called 'militant activists' are tired of complaining, they're tired of asking nicely, they're tired of being shot dead by police. Because; let's be clear, part of what Dave is upset about is Black people asking to be treated as equal, that sissified him. Because Dave has to have someone to kick, he cannot have black people having equal rights. Or, the gays, the gays are coming for Davy, and he's scared. He's scared he'll have to bake a cake for them; at his nonexistent bakery. Gross, right? The supreme court is not God, nor should it be required to act as such. America was the first secular country, and that's for a reason, without a neutral government, freedom of religion is nonexistent, that is without fear of backlash, etc., Today, we have this false notion that America is a Christian nation, but that's not true. There are many Christians in America, that is true, but the U.S Constitution is a secular document, whereby our laws derive.No, this nation was not founded out Judeo-Christian principles, as some say. Look, I am a Christian, and I love God, I just believe we should be honest about this country's history. Dave believes the principles of darkness have taken over our institutions. As opposed to what? That's begging the suggestion of wanting to return to a painful past, which isn't very godly.

The pawning of the educational issues in the public school system is a classic conservative move to suggest defunding important programs like science, research need be to avoid indoctrination.
So, you ask what people like Dave want to teach in public schools, he will undoubtedly say, Intelligent Design, which is another way of saying creationism. I say again, I am a Christian, but I don't believe the earth is 6000 years old. My views fall into the old earth to theistic evolution category.  So, if teaching evolution to kids is disheartening to parents, fine, take your kid out of school as to not contaminate other children with 'the earth is 6,000 years old' mentality. But, I know this is, partly, what bothers Dave, The 'Black Lives Matter' movement. In addition, the Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and the progressive side of the Democratic party have woken up and taken to the street, for justice, reform and unity of all who will come together.

Income in quality isn't a figment of an overexaggerated imagination. When nearly half the United States live in poverty, there's nothing to argue against, only for equality. Meaning, if you don't agree people who work shouldn't live in poverty, and no one should be homeless, you have no compassion; therefore, shut up about the gospel because you truly don't believe in it. You see there's people who actually believe in doing what Jesus commanded us to do, and there's those who twist the scriptures into being a gospel of self-righteousness, and asking those to fight with violence against anyone who would dare fight for equality, or just to be left alone. No, see, Dave doesn't want that gospel, he wants a gospel that doesn't exist. Because in this dispensation the Gospel we live by being Paul's' wherein we believe Jesus Christ the Son of God, born of a virgin, lived a perfect life, died, was buried and three days later rose from the grave conquering sin and death for all who will will believe on Him. There's nothing in the Gospel about using violence against others. Ironically the gospel is a picture of Christ suffering for us, by us.  So, to then take Christ's word and indicate we put homosexuals to death under the grace of God makes no sense. But, when you're consumed with hatred like Dave appears to be, there's nothing you wouldn't do. Those who refuse to treat people as people, such as Dave and his affiliate are systematically isolating themselves. The activist is not looking for extra, just equal rights. I realize that's a hard concept for Dave to understand, but it's true. Dave is the kind of guy who doesn't realize we pay for in corporate welfare that all social programs combined. Dave's attitude is not Biblical, in that, the gospel he wants you to follow is another and not the Gospel as it is written. The sad thing is he doesn't even realize it.

Dave plainly demands conservative  Christians be militant, but I, as a Christian, don't agree with that. Violence doesn't kill ideas; better ideas kill bad ideas. He bids you remember gays are worthy of death. And, while the Bible does indicate the sin of homosexuality, if we took every Scripture in the Bible literally, we'd all be goners. The "culture war" is nothing more than a slant in social ideology. Political ideology isn't contingent upon one's salvation. You see, what people like Dave want blacks, and other minorities to do is shut up and let them rule with their rod and staff over the rest of us. And, people rightly had enough of the garbage. Dave's promoting the denial of reality, which is the problem in the first place. You can pretend inequality doesn't exist, you can pretend everything is yours -- yours -- yours, but that doesn't make the inequality disappear just because you claim it doesn't exist. The wealthy are good at manipulating simple-minds like Dave and pitting the middle class against the poor; especially if they, the rich, can make it a racial issue, they love it. Yeah, be mad at poor blacks while the richest among us rob you blind with corporate welfare and tax cuts for the richest among us. That's, exactly, what they want from you. What makes what the rich take less worthy than what you say the poor take from you in anti-poverty programs? You see, people don't think about corperate welfare because by in large it's kept on the down-low unless people like me or other progressives expose the hypocracy, conservatives may never know the disparity between corperate and social welfare. Conservatives don't know that more of our tax dollars goes to coperate welfare, not social welfare; nor do most conservatives realize more whites are on anti-poverty programs than black people. Some people think about a culture war from their point of view and no other. I, for one, have thought about these issues from all sides, and the only honest conclusion is what Davie is claiming is nothing but a misguided fabrication of our current social climate. He proves he doesn't 'get it.' Not to mention the fact, his anger is toward the most powerless people. Instead of focusing on the people truly taking advantage of the average American, they kick others when they're down. Well, I refuse to change the Gospel to fit the political, racist views of folks like 'Coach Dave.' I refuse to stay silent about income inequality. I refuse to remain actionless when cops murder people and then lie about it. The entities of darkness are amongst the proudest of people, the people who hate the poor, the disabled, the impoverished, the destitute don't need to be kicked when they are down rather they need a hand up. It's interesting how conservatives hate the people who most represent the socioeconomic situation as Jesus Christ. They're deceived.


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