Monday, August 24, 2015

Yes, Rep. Steve King, We Should Apologize for Slavery.

With Donald Trump's mouth shooting off like a loose cannon in the dark, the Republican Party has created a monster of a candidate, one that feeds off selective outrage, reinforces racist folks racism. In essence, Trump validates the fringe Right Wing's racist views. He says things they wish they could but cannot say. Be it for jobs or other reasons, they cannot say the things Trump says, but they sure the hell admire the Donald for voicing their frustration with the system. It's as though some Trump supporters believe there is an agenda to force white Christians into concentration camps because liberals, according to them, hate white folks.  Most sane people know that isn't true, but there is an element of white people who feel disenfranchised and thrown, so to say, to the backburner.

Just flip through a.m radio and you'll hear the ugliest, racist conversations taking place but don't worry because these good white folks refer to themselves as Christians.  At any rate, one radio host suggested we enslave Hispanic people who are undocumented immigrants. Now, to any logical person, that would be crazy. A caller even called into this man's show respecting the clever proposal while, at the same time, he said it sounded a bit like slavery. The host asked what was wrong with slavery? To assure the caller it was humane, the host said we would "feed and water them."

Slavery is never a good subject to touch on, especially, seeing as the history of slavery has been one of mass hypocrisy, by those espousing Christian values, family values, and pro-life. However, we find conservative radio folk are all too ready talk about it in 2015. Yes, by now, one wouldn't think slavery would be a legitimate topic of conversation for American society today. But, we have a conservative bastard radio host, he's calling for the enslavement of illegal, undocumented immigrants. He'd give them a 50 day warning period, either they live or become, as he stated, "state assets." Of course, he is gracious enough to offer basic food and water and tents for shelter. I repeat for a third time, this is 2015, and we cannot pretend this guy is some fringe or the exception and not the rule. No, this is how conservatives view other people, people who don't look like them are less than human, worthless even. It's shocking, I know, but these conservative a.m radio shows have listeners who agree with their logic, which is the scariest part of it all. People out there think about have similar thoughts, they just don't openly say it.
Sure, I could go into the treatment of African Americans from 1555 to 1800's but what good would it do? These people don't think rationally, you see to them, God loves them, their guns, and their white privilege. Because, tongue in cheek, we all know Jesus was white and stuff.

Today House of Representative Steve King said America don't need to apologize for slavery. Well isn't that convenient, Mr. King?
You see, for many conservatives this country hasn't moved forward at all. As a matter of fact, some whites still wish we lived in the, as they call them, "good old days." The days when it was permittable to call Blacks niggers, and to sell them to rape them, etc., Having Africans as servants is what make some of these white people feel like men.
Of course, the previous was somewhat tongue in cheek; however, the serious implication is that one race is the elevation of one race over another. That is to say, white exceptionalism on steroids feeds a mindset, which is a primitive mindset, although today's it's framed as a just justification to enslave the poor. Conservatives make an equivocation that shouldn't exist, which is to take advantage of the less fortunate for a bastardized sense of fairness. Especially, to enslave those of low status and those of another color to be subservient to the white man.  White deserve slaves. It's the sense of entitlement of whites that drives this Country in reverse. I mean, think about it,  whites have all the advantages of their whiteness, but if you say something, well hey, you're an agitator. If they can talk openly about slavery and how splendid it is, why cannot we speak about openly about white privilege? After all, don't conservatives hate admitting their white privilege has a role in the current climax of race-relations? No, it's easier blame minorities for the ills of society, and to take the accountability away from the people who have created a system of failure for the masses and wealth for the few, which is why there are many more rich whites, middle-class whites, and employed whites, it's not an accident. So, to blame Black America, to blame Hispanic America, to blame Asian Americans for the failures in America is, ironically, to portray that which they want to deny, their white privilege.

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