Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Republicans Twisted Version of Political Correctness.

Last week at the first Republican  presidential  primary debate, the candidates mentioned the  need for political correctness to be done away  with; that sounds good, in a way, but what do  they, Republican presidential hopefuls, mean  by political correctness? Conservatives invoke the First Amendment  when they use racial slurs, disparage women, children, condemn homosexuals, call the  poor parasites and promote the fear of income  inequality as nothing more than a myth. Of course, when they claim women shouldn't be  paid as much as men, and call immigrants  rapist, murderers, child molesters, they invoke the First Amendment.

Conservatives make sure to point out that  liberal-Democrats are against this kind of  speech because it might offend someone, and  golly-gee, we cannot have people being  offended. I, as a democrat, disagree with that  stereotype, I will explain more on that later.  However, political correctness should be  shoved in the garbage can, say conservatives.  Ok, fine, I agree we shouldn't hold to a tight- lipped way of speaking about current  issues and we shouldn't have to worry about   hurting people's feelings for speaking the truth  because the truth is the truth. It just is. Right?
I mean after all, conservatives know everything, according to them.
 In public schools, many Republicans have voiced their objections to people being taught science, correct history, and anything pertaining to sexuality; for example, in many schools this notion the Civil War was not fought because of slavery is pushed at fact. Of course, this statement is factually incorrect, but conservatives don't want us to teach the truth, they want their version of the truth in public schools. Just for clarification, the Civil War was, indeed, about the desire to maintain free labor or slavery. They don't want to admit it because they have some sort of white guilt associated with the truth. They want their children to believe the earth is, literally, 6,000 years old, even though the Bible does not state that matter of fact; regardless, they want their children to believe it.  Forget the Old Earth, creation model because to them, what's fact is contained within the confines of what the parent thinks they know. Therefore, political correctness must be adhered to in their narrow worldview.

As previously stated, conservative claims the Civil War was fought for states rights. Even though all evidence points  toward a war about slavery. So the problem with political correctness is not political correctness itself; it's the way in which it's used and allowed to be used.

"Sure, Democrats are more open to banning  hate speech and more skittish about publishing  drawings of Muhammad. But a recent Harris  poll on censorship found that Republicans are  more apt to want to scrub other forms of  discourse. For example, Republicans are  almost twice as likely — 42 percent vs. 23  percent — as Democrats to say that “there are  any books that should be banned completely.”(1).

But what conservatives, or conservatism, gets wrong is the fact, they want to also want the protection of speech. They want their rights to say what they want in their churches. Fine, there's no problem with that, but the hypocrisy screams foul. In that, these Republicans want to limit the free speech of others while, at the same time, claiming there should be no censorship of free speech.

I'll expalin it like this: Take, for example, classroom textbooks, conservatives want to censorship the books children read; thus, promoting nothing less than political correctness. Conservatives claim science is wicked and of the devil, therefore, science books should reflect a limited discussion of scientific theories, they disagree with; making conservatives appear to be the victim of a dictatorship department of education. And then, during the pulpit sermon pastors claim they cannot mention homosexuality out of fear of being called out. They play the victim card so well.

You see, conservatives want it their way all of the time or else, they're victims of an overzealous government that hates Christians and is doing everything to marginalize those who don't hold the same beliefs they do. Conservatives want to lash out at the gays, call women whores and call blacks niggers without repercussion from society. Other the other token, conservatives want to bash gays, blacks and whichever other minority groups there might be. In any case, as long their point is made, they're fine with political correctness being abolished. But, conservatives insist, we must be politically correct in the classroom. The place where kids learn the most, we must pander to conservatives who want nothing more than to promote their alternate reality and make sure no ideas can be studied, save theirs, with lack of school funding, and, again, textbooks that state information conservatives find offense to ethnic studies tolerance or social justice reform conservatives want political correctness on these issues.


1). Catherine Rampell. (11 August 2015). Stop saying only Democrats are politically correct. Republicans also favor censorship.Washington Post. https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/t

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