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Christian Nationalists Are Ruining The Country

The far Christian Right's message hinges on their claim America's founding resulted in the establishment of a Christian government; one based on Judeo-Christian principles; the Declaration of Independence, signed on 4 July 1776, was somehow the beginning of a pseudo-theocracy. Thus, one of the most powerful American political movements in history hangs on their claim Christianity is being removed from America; triggering a victimization environment; one in which must be reclaimed through electing Christian leaders and bringing every aspect of Christianity into the political process. I say most of this tongue in cheek; however, the Christian Right's claim is nonetheless this silly and dangerous. It's dangerous because we're taking away the truth about the founding of this country and exchanging it for a lie. The pilgrims that settled in America were most surely Christian, but that has nothing to do with the founding of this nation as being one that is Christian founded. Elsewise, you'd be claiming God used atheist to start a Chr
istian nation and that is laughable. And, you know it.
We heard a smart and I do mean smart, intelligent  Dr. Ben Carson claim he would institute a biblical flat tax. Oh boy. I think he forgot the part about give Ceaser what is Ceasar's and give unto God what is God's. Be that as it may, his idea isn't unique, in fact, other Republican presidential candidates have suggested a flat tax. Besides the booming national deficit, that plan would benefit the rich and break the poor. I don't think that's what God would have us do; because if I remember correctly, and I am sure I do, the Bible said to feed the hungry and care for the poor.
However, the Christian theocratic narrative is based on unscrupulous history often exaggerated and overrated. As uncomfortable as they may be, the Christian Right has capitalized off the stupidity of the American people and the naivete of us not seeing them erroneously interjecting false history within books, movies, documentaries, and churches. Indeed, through a growing rebranding industry of the Christian Nation account, books and lectures now dominating the lesson plans of home institutions and many private Christian institutes, Christian patriotism becomes a central trait of the political identity of America. Children grow up believing this, and when challenged with facts, they refuse to acknowledge, they're wrong. The struggle for the direction of the account of American antiquity is as contentious as ever with the growth of Christian patriotism. Because as we all know, guns, God and illegal wars, obviously, go together.

"History is powerful. That's why it is important for the rest of society not only to recognize the role of creeping Christian historical revisionism, but our need to craft a compelling and shared story of American history, particularly as it relates to the role of religion and society. We need it in order to know not how the religious Right is wrong, but to know where we ourselves stand in the light of history, in relation to each other, and how we can better envision a future together free of religious prejudice, and ultimately, religious warfare.(3)."

 Christian Patriotism, or Christian Revisionism, what does it mean? First, have you noticed the "patriotism" trend within the church, you know the folks who elevate the U.S. Constitution to "divine" status?  Or, the websites with eagles and slogans such as "Red Nation Rising," have you seen them tied with Christianity? Oh, yes, they exist. As a matter of fact, the other day on a Conservative radio program, a guest claimed God wrote the U.S. Constitution. I kid you not. I almost fell out. Seriously, God wrote the constitution? No, you're wrong, and I hope someone pulls you to the side and explains how so.The constitution does not mention Christianity or religion, except to say that there shall be no state 'sponsored' religion.  Lately, everywhere you go, you see American flags in churches, as if God helped the deist and Freemasons write the U.S. Constitution. Were some of the so-called founders Christians?

"At the time the Constitution was drafted, Congregationalists made up 71 percent of the population in Massachusetts, but outside Massachusetts, religious diversity was the standard in the nation, Meyerson said. Congregationalists were only 20 percent of the total population, and there were many powerful mid-sized religious groups, he said. Additionally, 3 percent adhered to Judaism.(2)."

But, more of them were not Christian. Thomas Jefferson believed Christ was a moral man but revealed disbelief in the divinity of Christ. Not only did he reveal disbelief in Christ's divinity, but he and Thomas Paine wanted to destroy the Gospel. John Adams, Ben Franklin, George Washington, Thomas Pain, Thomas Jefferson, and so many others, were not Christians. Many of the "founding fathers" were deists and part of secret societies like the 'Hells-Fire Club.' Many on the Christian 'right' claim religious 'liberty' is under attack. Out of all the words they could use; they choose "liberty," and there's a reason for that, the reason consists, of the need, to tie patriotism to religious freedom. First, the best thing about the constitution is religious freedom under the First Amendment.  But, that freedom is being used for its unintended purpose. It's, been, interpreted that imposing - forcing not only a particular religion but a particular interpretation of a certain religion that been shoving Christianity down people's throats; which is unconstitutional.

 So, now we have the First Amendment being used against, instead of for itself. The revisionist came essentially revising the historicity of not only the country, but the culture, religious climate and social construction of the so-called founders.John Adams, one of the founders, bluntly stated 'The United States is not in any sense a Christian nation.' I am not sure where the confusion is here. Most of the time, if you disagree with a 'Constitutionalist,' they consider you a country hater. However, the haters revise the past to manipulate it, but not change the future. Again, there's no mention of Christianity in the U.S. Constitution.

"On the contrary, the only reference to religion in the Constitution before the addition of the Bill of Rights comes in Article VI: This means that political power in the United States may never be limited to people of one faith a necessary condition for a “Christian nation” but must be open to people of all faiths or none. Barring a religious test for office sparked widespread outrage in 1787, especially in states with religious tests designed to make sure that only Protestants or Christians would ever be allowed to hold elected office. But in their wisdom, the Framers in Philadelphia knew that the time had come to break from the precedents of history and bar any religious group from ever imposing itself on the nation using the engine of government. Even this wasn't good enough for Thomas Jefferson and other founders who wanted to prohibit any and all entanglements of government and religion in the new nation. In 1791, the opening words of the First Amendment

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof ” were added to the Constitution, further ensuring a fully secular state with a guarantee of religious freedom for all. Of course, some of the founders (not unlike some Americans today) worried that “no establishment” might lead to a breakdown in Christian values in American culture. Alexander Hamilton, for example, contemplated the creation of a “Christian Constitutional Society” to promote Christian virtues and principles among the people. (1)." Of course, his idea didn't make it too far because we live under law some might say biblically go against their interpretation of their Christian belief.

There's no mention of Christianity in the U.S. Constitution. However, most, if not all, Conservatives believe Christianity is not only mentioned but a state-sanctioned religion. Of course, this is not true. But the propaganda works for Conservatives. Most on the right, become defensive when the truth is pointed out to them. But, we cannot lie to ourselves.  There is no divine inspiration in the U.S. Constitution. Therefore, to claim the U.S. Constitution is God-breathed is to confuse the Bible and the U.S. Constitution. Because the claim, they're somehow equal dismisses the fact that the writers, some, opposed God.

In conclusion, Christian Revisionist attempts to manipulate the past to revise it. Their goal is to force the notion that America is and always was a Christian nation. It's rather offensive considering; it isn't true. They're entitled to be wrong, but we're not required to join them.

For the record, I am a Christian and have been since age 13. I love Christ, so in no way is this an attempt to mock Christians rather it is an attempt to shed light on true religious freedom and who has it, which is by in large Christians. God bless you with the truth.

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