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Pictures Fade Away, But Memories Last Forever. This Chapter is the Second to a Book I am writing. (Please Comment).

               Pictures Fade Away, But Memories Last Forever. 
             This Chapter is the Second to a Book I am writing.
Although the smooth engine was running, the tinted windows were partially open to keep them from carbon monoxide poisoning; the feeling of a cold, soft misty breeze rushes through the passenger window. Margo’s eyes partially open with a glance as the daylight lingers between the blinds, immediately her eyelashes burst open wide because she notices the pine trees lightly covered in snow. Dense clouds hover, hanging in the stillness of a solitude morning – as traces of fog blend in with thick patches of pine trees, which surround the motorhome. And, she notices the gently descending snow. She screams, and sees her breath, at the top of her lung, “Oh shoot,   guys! Guys wake up. Wake the heck up you guys! Is this some kind of sick joke? If I could, I’d swear, to Gosh, something is wrong here.” Sarah jumps to her cold feet nearly tripping over her bedsheet. Slightly confused, she asks, “What the hell, Margo?” Sarah wipes the sleep out of her eyes. “We need to get started. That’s what.” Sarah caught a glimpse of the snow, “Margo, is that snow?” “It sure looks like it.” Margo sighs. Sarah takes over from there. After rolling her eyes, she yelled, “Everyone get the heck up!” No one moved. So, she screams, at the top of her lungs, “Fire!” Immediately Brenda jumped, hitting her head on the top bunk bed. “Ouch, hello, that hurt.” She rubs just above her left ear. “This has to be bad luck.” Dazed and confused, Sarah inquires, “What are you talking about, Brenda” “Well, I know this sounds strange.” “You can say that again,” Martin replies. She looks at Martin, “Oh, shut up Martin, this is why you’re still single.” The blood from Martin’s face disappears without a trace from his ghostly white face. Margo turns her head to the front window to let out a soft giggle. Brenda continues, this time raising her voice: “Martin, I wouldn’t doubt it if you’re still a virgin. I mean, we all hope to wait until marriage, just sayin’. All of those off the wall comments are enough to drive any girl insane! I wish I could hate you with all of my bones.” David burst into laughter. Everyone stops and looks at him. He motions, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” Resting her hands on her hips, Brenda resumes her conversation with Sarah. “As I was saying before I was so,” she glares at Martin, “rudely interrupted, ever since I was a kid, if I hit my head first thing in the morning, it meant bad luck.” Sarah inquires: “That’s it, Brenda? That’s what you had to say?” “Well, yeah. That’s all I was going to say.” Everyone but Brenda burst into laughter. “I am sorry, Brenda. I know I should not be laughing.” She motions with her hands on her hips: “You know. I am so glad you guys think everything is hilarious.”
Sarah remembers, “Guys, we need to get started.” “Which way are we going?  It’s a long way to the freeway; you said so yourself.” Clearly agitated, Margo snaps, “Look, I couldn’t care less what I said earlier. Right now, we need to head out.” “Fine, but don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Sarah said. Like she always does, Margo rolled her eyes: “Yesterday, I would have thought it a good idea to head for the freeway, but we’re 30 miles away. Our best luck now is to find someone home just over that mountain.” Before anyone says anything else, Margo continues, “Yes, I know the trees are thick, I realize we could get lost, but if we don’t do something will surely die here.  I, for one, am not dying here.” She points. Sarah double checks, “That hill?” “That hill,” Margo reinforces. Brenda yelled: “Oh, you would be the one to suggest the direction we head. Why do you think you’re so much better than everyone else, Margo?”  Margo places her index finger across her lips, her face plenty red responds, “Look, Brenda, I know you’re mad but so are we. I didn’t want to be the one to tell you, but it’s snowing outside. I feel like I am going insane, so if you could cut me some slack, that’d be nice. Do we have a deal, Brenda?” Margo reaches out her arm, so does Brenda, and they shake hands. “Deal,” Brenda said. Martin hates the snow, so he was first to interject, “Snow in the early July, how is this possible?” Brenda almost in tears, asks, “What the hell is snow doing on the ground. I am starting to feel like I am going mad. Like this is one big sick, twisted dream.” Martin assures Brenda, “Dear, this isn’t a dream.” “Well then, tell us what the hell is going on David?” David’s arms cross as he replies in awe: “How in the world do you expect me to know?”  Margo claps her hands, the friends stop and look at Margo. “I need your attention for a moment, please.” “We’re listening,” Sarah replied. “Good. Now, I hope everyone gets their feelings and thoughts out in the open because it’s going to be a long day and an even longer night.” Sam shakes her head, “Everyone got it?” David glares at Brenda, Brenda at Sarah and Martin at Sarah, Margo simply took the blame herself.  Martin, running his fingers through his wet hair, suggests, “24 miles south, that’s where we need to head.” Margo nods her head, “Martin’s right, “But make no mistake, we’re going to need to find a cabin the woods to sleep in at least for tonight.” Brenda throws up her hands, “Well isn’t this lovely.” Martin laughs. “It sure is lovely. After all, don’t you fancy adventures, Brenda?” She sarcastically smiles, “Of course, I love adventures about as much as I like a slit wrist!”

“David,” Margo calls out. “I need you to take out that climbing rope in your bag. The red one it reflects on the snow. Maybe someone will spot us out here.” “Check,” David replies. Sarah voices her frustration, “We’re in the middle of nowhere, Margo. And it’s cold.” She throws up her hands screaming, “You would be the one to blame me for this!” David smiles, “If you’re not at fault, why are you getting so upset?” “Look, no one is a fault besides the jackass who blindsided us. If I get my hands around his neck, he’s a goner!” Brenda admits, “You know the funny thing is we don’t even know what happen to that dude.” David claims, “I don’t give a damn what happened to him, he could have killed us.” Annoyed, Sarah jumps in: “Have a heart!” Margo raises her water bottle, “Does everyone have at least one water bottle in their backpacks?” Everyone doubled check, they all nodded in consensus. Sarah motioned with two thumbs. “Alright, everyone we’re heading out.” Each had their backpacks. David had the climbing equipment. “Sam, you don’t look so well, are you okay?” She’s rubbing just behind her left ear. “I don’t feel so well, it must have been the impact of the crash because my head hurts like a jackhammer pounding into the jagged pavement.” Sarah rushes over, “Sam, sit down.” She holds Sam’s shoulders. “You’re bleeding.” She panics, “I am?” “Yes, right here.” Sarah placed her hand where the blood was seeping from. “Do you think I am going to be okay?” “Yes, I think so.” Sarah turns and yells, “A little freaking help here would be nice!” Martin responds, “How can I help?” “Hold this rag over the cut above her ear.”  He points, “Right here, this cut?” “Yes, that one, you moron.” So, they bandaged Sam up and headed out. “Sam, you let us know if you continue to feel sharp pain, Okay?” “I hear you.”

(This is not completely finished, but I would love to hear what you think).

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