Monday, September 28, 2015

The Pope's Message Of Tolerance is Refreshing.

I grew up attending the Church of Christ with my grandparents. They were the type who went to church three times a week, and more if needed. We went to Sunday school and I heard little of anything that made sense to my life at the time. During the church service, it's no wonder why I'd fall asleep in the pew. I never did hear the church speak of Jesus Christ or forgiveness for that matter. But, I do remember hearing about all the things we must do for God. It wasn't until I was 13 that I truly heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ at a youth rally. At the time, there were music playing and emotions flowing through the entire church; some crying and some raised their hands to heaven. It was a feeling incomparable to anything else, at the time. I remember coming home from the youth rally. I was told to grab a gallon of milk. It was a night, and I remember on the way home believing the Gospel and having no doubt that I was saved.

 You may say, well why didn't you believe in the rally? What I think is more important is the fact that I believed without music playing without anything anyone present just the Holy Spirit granted me the ability to recognize my sinful state, and to realize and believe Christ is the son of God. Not only that, he's the Son of God, but that He died, buried, and was raised from the dead to pay for sins; even my sins. I believed it. I remember that night like no other night. A simple walk to the store with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit; gained at the youth rally, I believed. But this post isn't so much about salvation as it is about observation. Over the past week, we've seen the pope speak to Congress, wash the feet of prisoners, visit sexual abuse victims, visit a seminary; he made other stops during his week-long visit. The Catholic church is of Satan. At least that's what I heard as a kid. The Pope is Satan. You know the whole Satan can transform himself into an angel of light talk that, to be clear, is true. However, this pope has been an inspiration throughout the world. Believers and non-believers alike love his message of hope, peace, love, mercy, and mutual respect. Having said that, the Bible does not mention the need for a pope as we are free to worship, speak to God through Jesus Christ. There isn't a need for giving confessions to priests because Jesus is our HIGH PRIEST (Hebrews 4:14).

So, this is in no way a Biblical defense for the position of the pope rather an observation of the common well-being of a society that seeks religious freedom for all people. As a Christian, I believe Jesus Christ is the only way to God; there is no other way to receive salvation (Acts 4:12). I wish that all men would come to know Jesus Christ and received His saving grace. You see for me, it's always been, there's no such thing as a free lunch kind of thing. What I mean by that is someone had to PAY for SIN. God became a man through His Son Jesus Christ to be offered as a sacrifice for sin; whereby allowing men to be forgiven through repentance. Having said that, the pope's message is refreshing within the context of the current political climate in the United States and as well as for the terrorism ravaging the Middle East; tolerance allowing religious freedom and the right to free speech is a human right. Finally, Kim Davis, the woman refusing marriage certificates to same-sex couples, the Pope said she should be allowed to follow her conscious.

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