Sunday, October 25, 2015

10 Reasons I am talking To My Conservative Christ Friends/Family About Social Issues.

1). Your Pious Disposition is Deplorable.

How Dare You Question My Faith. You question my faith because I am not a fundamentalist like you. You must do this and that to be saved; must be baptized, repent of your sins, and never transgress again. Although it might sound good to you; it's not what the Bible actually says. We repent of following a false path and turn to God's path/way. We realized we are sinners and that we cannot save us, and that Jesus Christ, born of a virgin, lived a perfect life, died, buried, and three days later rose from the grave conquering sin, death, and sealing Satan's ultimate fate; that's what saves us. Believing that he, Jesus, died for us as sinners through His shed blood, we are saved, there's no asking Him to come into your heart; he changes your heart. Yet, you make people pray a 'simple' prayer asking for Jesus to come into their hearts. Jesus co
mes into a wicked heart? Or, figuratively speaking, changes your heart of stone into a heart of flesh.

Repenting of sin is a s doctrinal issue. Once a person is saved, they learn about repentance of sin and godly living, holy love, wisdom, service, and confidence in the cross of Jesus Christ, that we are saved once and for all. And that all sin issues were settled at the cross. But growing in doctrine, faith and service come after the salvation of one's soul. Many have it backward and live in constant fear of whether they are even saved.

2). Lie Christian Nation

They support the false narrative that America is a Christian nation, which, of course, is false.
 Are there Christians in America? Absolutely, but Christians did not draft the Declaration of Independence or the U.S Constitution. In fact, deist, atheist, and folks who started the enlightenment/movement age created the constitution. Let conservatives tell it and our laws were drafted from God's legislation, which is funny seeing as Thomas Paine; who inspired the Constitution was NOT a Christian. Yet, today people swear the Constitution is God-breathed. I've written many articles on this subject, but this isn't to specify the points within my contention for their God breathed Constitution claim. Simply read other articles I've written on the God-Breathed Constitution issues.

3).  Revisionist Slavery History

Most conservatives at least the folks I know and hear speak on the topic wish to whitewash slavery.
They want to make it appear better than it was; when in fact, that's as detrimental as slavery itself or claiming the Holocaust didn't happen or happen to the degree the experts suppose. Essentially slave plantations were concentration camps for Negroes. In fact, ISIS has much in common with the KKK and the (at the time) Christian right who raped slaves, burn them to death, murder them, mutilate them, sold their wives and children, keep them from learning to read and write. Forced a religion on them in the worst way; instead of through the grace of God, they choose to focus on the destitute spiritual passages; as though the fate of blacks was to be  subservient to the white man and in the next life they enter heaven. They were taught of a white Jesus and not the truth historical Jesus Christ. They were taught of a white Jesus with long hair. Why did they teach them of a white Jesus with long hair? To reinforce the fact that Jesus must have been white because black men cannot grow straight sandy blonde hair. However, the Bible says long hair is a shame to him. Oooppps. 4). Dodging The Draft. Today, most churches will sport the American flag, but would you be willing to bet more than half of those cowards weren't willing to fight. A man I consider a friend Bishop Dr. Bradley Carey, a Marine, fought for his country, but many Christians refuse to fight because they believe killing people is wrong. Yet, they support the killing done by those wearing the uniform. Because that doesn't contradict or anything. Dick Cheney and many of the professing Christians avoided the draft. Yet, they have no problem having troops participate in an illegal war. The soldiers aren't to blame, but the people who sent them to Iraq illegally have blood on their hands. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis; not to mention thousands of killed and maimed U.S servicemen were pawns in George Bush's hell shame games. By the way, Bush claims to be a Christian. Sending sons and daughters to an illegal war is NOT Christ-like.

5). They Don't Care About Kids.

Now that's a bold statement to make, you say.How on earth can you justify the claim conservatives don't care about children? Let's look at a few things to clarify my statement. A). Conservatives do care about children in the womb. B). However, once out of the mother's belly, more or less, screw you. You're on your own. Don't ask us for help. We've got wars to fund. We've got false investigations to fund. We want to cut taxes for the wealthy; therefore, it is impossible to care for children while loving money at the same time. As mentioned before, we spend billions upon billions giving tax subsidies to the wealthiest companies in America. But we have the most shocking take on abortion? Does anyone
else see anything wrong with floating billions of dollars, millions of tax cuts for the wealthy and the diminishing Middle Class and social safety net, and people wonder about abortions? Whether you agree or disagree with the practice of abortion, one must ask the obvious question that is if we care so
much about life in the womb why are we so soon to shun destitute children and leave homeless families.

6). You Love To Quote Mine the Bible, But Don't Give a Damn about the

Hungry. Your piety makes me sick, and your lack of empathy pains every fiber in my being. On one hand, you quote the Bible to promote "slavery" and on the other hands you use the same Bible to "promote" the most unfettered income inequality seen in Civilized Western countries. Instead of using the Bible for God and love, you use it for manipulation and personal self-righteousness.  The tedious exasperation of convincing those the Bible, God is love is to say the least, weary.

7). You use the Bible to Disprove

Feeding the Poor I know, we've heard the passage: If a man doesn't work, he shouldn't eat.  However, people use this verse for the families as though children are responsible, not able to find jobs and or feed their families. It's a no-brainer, however, for some people the use of the Bible to fit their 'heartless,' shall we say, an agenda is obvious. You cannot convince.
Not to mention the fact, that even working families have a hard time feeding their families living on suck low-wages. In other words, nuance doesn't matter to the conservative Christian. And why should it, they don't give a damn about anyone but themselves.

8). Some Of You Say God Told You To Do Something.

George Bush is known for his many blunders and his failed presidency. But we do know, in part, he claims God told him to invade Afghanistan, Iraq because of Gog and Magog; which is an end time
reference. George Bush repeatedly calls the illegal war crusades, and that suspending the rules of war and torture were his God-given right. Hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis died; did God approve of this destruction?

9). They Care More About Guns Than The People They Kill.

Conservative Christians gloat in guns as a means of protection from the big bad, wicked men in life; kind of like the boogie man. Gun ownership for home safety is an exception. But in most situations, people are shot with their firearms take their life with their gun, a child shoots someone with the unsecured firearm. But as soon as Left Christians say we might want some gun control, conservative Christians cry about the Constitution. But wait, I thought they were Christians first? Again, some conservatives swear the Constitution is 'God-breathed,' which is nothing less than laughable and silly. It's stupid because other moron conservatives will use that argument to push for free access to firearms. So conservative Christians disagree with me on this issue, apparently.

10). I mention Income Inequality But...

Income inequality is one of the downfalls of conservative Capitalism. Don't get me wrong; I am not anti-capitalism; rather a Democratic Socialist, like Dr. Martin Luther King, which includes regulated capitalism and ensures all partake in the increased demanded and producing revenue rather than
the 99% begging for crumbs from the "master's" plate. But it ensures all make livable wages. Income inequality isn't something Christ, in my opinion would endorse.  Those who make products make so little and those whose sells the projects make millions. Is that freedom? Or, is that a problem with a political, economic system rigged for the top 5%? It isn't too hard to figure out. God bless, and keep your piety to whatever self-righteousness you perceive you have left.

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