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7 Reasons God Allows Evil.

Why does God allow evil in this world? You know, if you'd ask during times of happiness, what evil is or why it's allowed to persist, it would most surely mock what is good. But, what man considers "good" isn't always what God considers good. I dare say life couldn't be considered good without knowing, believing, and understanding the inequalities, the injustices would be compensated, if not now, in the afterlife. Meaning, there is punishment for evildoers and  rewards for godly justice seekers alike.

The ability to have what is called "Free will" and a Good God allowing evil through man's free will is a difficult concept for some to grasp, but it's not a stretch they are understandable; possibly not accepted by some, but understandable. If there were no free will, there would be no knowledge of good or evil for that matter, which is a part of the original sin brought on by Adam. That we have the knowledge of good and evil, but it's not just that we have the knowledge of good and evil, but we also bear the consequences of Good and evil.

Even those totally dependent on God aren't immune from the pain that comes with loss, circumstances, and other ills brought out my this sinful world.
Of course, God can use bad circumstances for good or use evil to right wrongs.
Without the saving faith in Christ, and believing there was nothing beyond the grave, the problem of evil isn't as serious as it is when we believe in a good God who in our minds should do good things; especially for those of us whom believe in Him. Therefore, we'd like to shut out the suffering of others. It's too much to consume. The suffering and pain in our lives is at times, chosen to be, overlooked, which contributes to spiritual exhaustion, selfishness, depression and self-destructive behavior; or at least a self-defeating sense of reality. A dependency on unprescribed harmful drugs helps numb the pain only godly relationships and therapy can mend. Don't get me wrong medication has its place and God uses the knowledge He's given us to create certain drugs to help us; we should never be ashamed of taking them. But, I am talking about drugs like meth, crack, LSD, bath salts, and other self-destructive drugs that alter a person's mind for the worst. Thus, obscuring the otherwise repairable fabric of healing through the diagnosis of the source of our issues be they drugs, a self-defeating outlook, recycling hurtful relationships instead of seeking what God intends for us, and carrying the guilt of other people's decisions. That contributes to a bondage relationship with Christ when He said you were free, I believe He meant it.
This method of deciphering, channeling defeat can be contagious and is certainly not limited to new Christians. People who've been firm in the faith, godly faith, at times, ponder the overwhelming suffering and pain of not only ourselves, but other people as well. Meaning, if we don't take GOD at HIS Word in reasonable, rational faith, we create a false dichotomy. One of which I am sure sounds familiar; I am sure you've heard it: A). Either GOD doesn't care to help people. B). Or, He is unwilling, to intervene. Is God able to help? He does NOTHING, they say. Some ask if GOD is unwilling or unable to intervene.

I strongly believe that if we take the position that life, as believers and nonbelievers alike, if we endorse the here and now as being all there is to life, if we insert intellect without using what I call the lenses of faith, in whom GOD is, then we've bought into that which is evil. We've conceded the enemy is right and God -- God is wrong. Of course, that's a dangerous position to take, one can understand the rationale behind such logic but it isn't Godly logic.

As tragic as life can be, as unfortunate as life can be, as unfair as life may seem, God's already done everything on the cross. Again, what we have to know as Christians is what God has already done; sent His Son through a virgin to live a sinless life, die on the cross, shedding His blood for sinners, sealing all who would come to saving faith in Christ, and sealing Satan's ultimate fate. The ending has already been written. Some don't realize what this truly means, God has done everything He needed to do for your life at the cross. Through His Son, we can not only be saved from an eternal hell, but we can be healed of spiritual wounds because as the Bible says "by His stripes we are healed." Through reasonable, rational saving, godly faith, I believe it.

While the skeptics have their contention with the problem of evil and God's character, the fact remains, God has destroyed Satan at the cross.
You see, evil isn't something created by God. The rebellion of Lucifer, the devil, Satan, the false accuser and the false prophet created evil. Adam, in turn, that man dealt us a heavy blow by eating the fruit from the tree God commanded them not to eat. Through Christ, we can seek refuge from the storms of life. We can seek comfort for the lives of afflicted.

Even more important, we have to know who the man is and the purpose we have in this life. Everyone who confesses Jesus is Lord is born of God. If you're a born again Christian, your life's mission is simple, to seek and serve others with the Gospel of Christ. We are God's creation, and He does according to His will. I won't pretend to think it's smooth sailing just because I am a Christian. In fact, once you're saved, you begin to see the faults, to see sin in your life like never before seen.

Not a single person can honestly say, I have NO faith; at least not by definition. What one has is different objects of faith, differing intensities of faith, and complex influences of faith, one may not have analyzed and identified the nature of his belief, however.

The Bible states we are the body of Christ, so -- so many problems are solvable through outreach International Gospel missionaries, they need to be out using their Godly spiritual fruit to empower others with the Gospel message and the perspective of man and God and God and man. As long as we have Christians, who can give financially to organizations that help the less fortunate build bridges with those who might otherwise not find Christ, the real Christ, not the superficial Christ whom will give them wealth and guaranteed good health. Christ has accomplished everything at the cross. We can find healing in Christ, we can find spiritual renewal counsel and Godly wisdom at the cross. No, not by worshipping the cross rather trusting in the one who rose from the dead, Jesus Christ. It is my opinion that no one should go hungry nor should anyone be homeless. But as God moves, within, your heart to share, share. Give what you can to ministries that help the poor, children's hospitals, etc. The requirement of helping folks is a Christians duty. To serve other's as Christ has served us.
Here I want to focus on seven.
Seven Reasons God Allows Evil.
1). The power of choice comes, with the choice, to choose evil.
2). It could be suggested that suffering shows the essence of what's within our heart.
3). In case you didn't know, which I am pretty sure you do, suffering takes us closer to eternity; to the edge of man's ability to sustain pain.
4). God can use the horrible, the wicked, the suffering in our lives for our good and His glory.
5).Pain can, and does, warn us of danger; of existential, and external threats.
6). Without pain, we'd have no idea the depth of love we need; we'd have no understanding of a man who loves a woman so much he could stay with his wife who went through a horrible accident and will never be able to walk again. That type of love comes from God; not man.Or, how a man could take back a wife woman whose cheated on him more times than he can count. That is a picture of how God loves us even as hopeless as we are on our own. He loves us anyway.
7). Sexual assault. Sexual assault is at an all-time high; especially on college campuses. Why would a good God allow a woman to be raped? Again, there's nothing good about a woman or man being victimized sexually; it's wicked, it's evil. But, through free will people can choose to do good, or they can choose to do horrible, detestable deeds. But, God can use such a horrible sick act to show the victim His love. Maybe not the way they wanted to find out God's love; maybe not the way they envision free will to work.

Take me for example, I was brutally beaten as a kid, my step-father didn't like that I was bi-racial. My mother is white, and real dad is black. From as early as I can remember I was called a nigger, yes as a kid. The abuse went on until I was thirteen, and mom finally did what her husband wanted, sent me to foster care agency which by the way, thoses weren't much better. The abuse continued as I went from home to home without a friend in the world. I became anti-social, not out of choice but out of the only comfort I knew. Today, most people I talk to have no idea what that type of childhood would be like, and, yes, I did think about suicide as a teen many, many times. But, God brought a friend into my life, she was a believer in Christ and showed me what love, good and pain truly were. Today, I miss her, but we both moved on with our life. Does it seem fair? Of course, not but I have to believe God's using everything for His good intentions in my life.

Marriages Issues.
When a wife cheats on a husband and he forgives her it's not that he's stupid or naive to the fact that she's hurt him and their family, but he's made a vow to her and will do anything to keep that vow regardless of his personal agony. Does that mean he isn't suffering? Quite to the contrary, he's suffering so much that he wants to give up on everything even life itself. But, he has faith God will work it out for the families best interest and God's ultimate love will be perfected in the family unit. As a result, the kids see a real man stands by his wife even though she's hurt him beyond, otherwise, reasonable repair. True love and real pain are real; there's no easy answer to avoid pain heartache, mental health issues, relationship hurt and friction in the home, but what is clear is that we all have a choice to embrace love or embrace the evil that is every present in a fallen world.

Finally, evil is a picture of who Satan truly is and what he's capable of, and how we should avoid contributing to evil through deed, thought, anger, hurt, pain and a humanly sense of revenge on those who have hurt us
. Let God take care of the wicked, and rest in Him, knowing He will do the right thing, even if we think at the time, it's not fair.

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