Tuesday, October 20, 2015

America Is A Christian Nation Is The Biggest Political Lie In U.S. History.

What is the Christian Left Politics Post; some branch of the Left Wing "entitlement" component, you ask? Quite to the contrary, the Christian Left Politics Post, formerly Facile, is about exposing the hypocritical, misogynistic, fraud, gun violence, income inequality, women's rights, people's, yes all people's rights whether we agree with them or not, it matters not. I am not in favor of a Right Wing theocracy that presents itself as a patriotic Constitutionality sophisticated embedded in the founding of this country. Please read the many articles I've written on Christian Revisionism to gain complete context into the degree in which the Right Wing has hijacked the conversation on religious freedom. You must understand the biggest political lie in U.S. History, which hinges on the claim American law, fashioned after Biblical law, established a Christian nation; therefore should be treated as such. Of course, this is funny because many of the founders were not Christian, at all. But conservative leaders know fact checking their false claims isn't something conservative churchgoers are into or asking them questions that make them uncomfortable as to how they arrived at their faulty conclusion.

Meaning,  questioning Religious Freedom and the place it has in the political process, which is close to zero. Or, should be close to nonexistent. Which doesn't mean you cannot use your faith to guide you, you just cannot use it to make public policy. Because, as Christians, we have no right to impose beliefs on others. Right wing Christians don't see it the same way, they truly, and I mean truly believe they have a right to dictate what you do with your life, learn in school, and what you do with your body. For a quick example, conservative Christians want to teach children the earth is 6,000 years old, was made in six days. But, that's not science that's lobbying for a position that isn't representative of science. Did God create everything, of course, he did, but the early church leaders had no problem understanding the creation story in the first chapter of Genesis was allegory and not literal. Meaning, the first two chapters of, Genesis were written to help the people of that time understand the complexity of completion and the fascination with the evolution of God's creation through the steps. But, it is not a science book as the creationist claim. I used to believe the earth was 6,000 years old as a kid, so I am guilty of naive think too. However, at some point, you gain more knowledge and adapt knowledge and faith to both be true without compromising either faith or science.

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