Sunday, February 7, 2016

Conservatives Hate The Working Poor Christians.

Often you'll hear about how loving and charitable the Republican Party is, but their actions far contradict this theatrical claim of loving the poor and healing the sick; oddly enough, it's the Democratic Party who insist on focusing on the defenseless, poor, working class. The Democratic Party informers voters for said reforms aiding the poor, working class and ensuring health care is a right a not a privilege. Yet still, most new wealth go to the 1%to15%? Don't complain conservative nuts like Bill Whittle say, but when productivity increases and revenue returns in massive quantities, it does not take a genius to ask, they the hell do we not see the fruits of our labor?  I am sorry, but it is the people's responsibility to ask a few questions. Folks like Bill, I am using what I've seen of him as an example of the disproportionate reason and logic between a self-described conservative who claims to believe in personal responsibility and personal gain without a damn thought for anyone else.  However, as a political liberal and left-leaning Christian, I believe in helping the poor, I believe in a political process whereby all voices heard at the ballot box, not according to their personal wealth. Also, I am sick of pastors defending these rich folks as if the working poor somehow desire to remain destitute even though sales are up, and productivity is gaining, and the stock market has never soared so high.

At which point do we stop the tough guy act and come to a reasonable understanding of livable wages for people.  It is funny conservatives care about 'children' in the womb, but when they are born, you're on your own. Yep, after that, you are on your own. However, this type of conservative mentality is partly to blame for the cycle of abortions. Women feel they have no option, but abortion; especially with such an income inequality in this ever corrupt political process. See, to Republican, conservatives, all that matter is their bottom line. They do not care about their workers, they pretend to hold the banner of Christianity, but indeed, they do everything but what is right. It is the shut your mouth and don't ask questions mindset. I hate to go back there, but during the time of slavery, conservatives used the Bible to manipulate naive African slaves. They used certain passages that talked about Blessed are the poor for they shall have it better in the next life kind of thing.

You see, conservatives use Bible passages to manipulate fundamentalist who won't dare question authority or the people preaching; which is the conservative trademark of manipulation. Today's Republican Party is nothing like that of the days of old. I have a difficult time, believing conservatives honestly believe in that for which they claim to stand.

 I don't hate anyone, but I hate the ideals of solely caring for self and not giving a damn about other people; we have nearly 20 million homeless folks in the U.S, yet we're debating inviting people from war-torn countries to give shelter and food. However, starving Americans, the mentally ill and such line the streets with complete destruction and their destitute state defines their personhood, their life, their meaning in life-based on the billionaires who is the REAL ROBIN HOOD! The rich steal from the Middle Class to give to the rich. And then, they will blame the poor for income inequality. On conservative sites, you will read of, hear on Youtube videos, Obama taking from the rich to give to the poor, that's not happening. As previously stated, the stock market has never been better unemployment is at a 40 year low; abortion is at a 40-hear low. The value of the dollar is at an 11 year high. Obama is far from a socialist or a huge government spender. Obama has the most diverse White House administration in U.S. History. And, contrary to the conservative rhetoric the murder of cops dropped, not increased.  In conclusion the real Robin Hood consist of the Billionaires, conservatives; they quote out of context crimes stats, use the Bible to fashion nonsensical positions. Some conservatives even use the Bible to justify carrying firearms. To have truly, lasting religious freedom the government must be secular neutral, not in their personal beliefs, but in the policy, they must refrain from creating a theocracy.

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