Sunday, October 4, 2015


Gun rights, which time is justifiable for such a conversation? Meaning, right after a shooting is that when? Is there a way in which we can discuss common sense gun legislation with the crazy gun rights advocates not suggesting we are coming for their guns? Because to be honest, it seems as though that’s what the right interprets common sense gun control as; “we are coming for their guns.” In fact, I can picture it already, the right wing gun nuts believe they will one day have to use a gun against a government hell-bent on reducing their humanity to a single-celled organism. Okay, maybe a bit extreme, but the point should be obvious. Obviously, no one has an interest in taking guns from law-abiding citizens, in fact, that’s never been proposed on any serious legislative level. And with all the noise on the right about so much as a background check for the purchase of a firearm, the likelihood of a law to raid homes for firearms is as close to hell freezing over as possible.

To be fair, many people cherish the second amendment as they should, however, let’s not be so blind as to neglect the understanding, the right to live - trumps the rights of others to breathe air; to live. Just as you have rights to your beloved guns, we have a right to live. And, you have the right to posses liability insurance for damages as a result of your negligence.

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