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No, Believers In Christ Aren't Mentally ill.

"One cannot have faith NO faith by this definition. What one has is different objects of faith, and different expressions of faith, and different intensities of faith. One may not have analyzed that faith (1)."

According to the Biblical account, Adam and Eve both had direct contact with God. In that they could see Him, audibly hear His voice; but were given one commandment which was not to eat from  the "Tree of Life." How many of us know that if we're told not to do something, we find  a way to do it? Not that's it's right because it isn't, but the picture was a clear attribute of the rebellion of humans.  Through temptation from Satan, out of all the fruit in the garden of Eden, Eve decided on one tree God told her not to eat from. Therefore, Eve convinced her husband to also eat of the fruit. After they ate the fruit "knowing of good and evil" they clothed themselves with fig branches. Only God knows what they did then. God, even knew why they sinned. Therefore, man was essentially cursed to a life of working, being expelled from the garden and women would have child bearing pains. Oh, and we cannot forget that spiritually they died. Meaning, they would die a physical death. At the same time, God had mercy on them and he provided clothing from a slain animal, which is a picture of Christ dying for our sins to cover us with His righteousness.

However, after the world developed, so too did their false image of God and whether there were more than one God. They lost sight of the only God who can save through His Son Jesus Christ. Well, as we all know from the beginning of time people have sought a 'higher power.' Since the beginning of life people believed there's more to life than the here and now. Also, people used various methods of worshiping that whom they regarded as god(s). There's no denying that the ancient people prayed to their gods, but their god's had limited powers, yet they believed in these false God's even against evidence for their lack of existence.

"Yet, paradoxically, one of man's greatest privilege is the freedom he has to identify and commit to his own faith objects. (1)."

In the Bible, the Abraham(ic) faith supported the idea that there was one and only one true God. This idea of a single God was something new, something different, for folks to be completely convinced that there was one God, one creator; who requires belief in Him. We can see no God without what I call the spiritual glasses. Without spiritual glasses/faith, it is impossible to see what Christians see as believers. Scientists and the likes will say why do you need "special" faith-based glasses to see God? Well, the professors and other members in the various school discipline communities use what they've learned throughout their classes as faith - knowledge based glasses.
So it is for the Christian his responsibility to use this faith-based (again, what I am calling glasses) that most people point to a God allowing evil and that a good God wouldn't ever let things happen that happened like rape, murder, war, starving children. I will be honest, I don't completely understand why something happens, but we live in a very sinful world. A fallen world with people using different Gods to invoke their mass murder and genocide of horrendous atrocities, Jesus Christ came born of a virgin, lived a sinless life. Christ executed for committing no crime, shows the person of Christ giving Himself as the sacrifice for sinners. People, say there's no such thing as a free lunch, well that is true. Someone had to pay for the sin of the World.

As Holy, and as righteous as God is; He is EQUALLY merciful. Perfect justice requires Perfect mercy. One cannot exist without the other or perfect justice would be justice without mercy. So if there is any mercy, it must be perfect mercy. The term Christianity or ideal of following the teachings of Christ was taken up, after the crucifixion and ascension of Christ. Christianity, based on the person of Jesus Christ, requires believers to follow the Apostles Doctrine.

Now, the Apostles were all murdered not because of what they knew about Christ, but they were killed for not recanting on the truth of knowing Christ both spiritually and physically.. So, throughout the Bible you have Jesus is claiming to be G-d, angels, claiming Jesus to be the Son of God; God in the flesh. Next, you have demons claiming Christ to be the Son of God. You have His Apostle claiming Him to be the Son of God; God in the flesh. You have Jesus forgiving sins, which is only something God can do; therefore, Jesus must have been God wrapped in human flesh.

They believed in Christ, but not only did they believe, they knew Jesus was real, the Apostles had no doubt about who Christ was, they ate with Christ. There was no  way they could deny Christ. Instead of lying, they kept to the truth to the very end and were murdered by what today we would refer to as thugs

No other collection of books claims Christ to be anything more than a prophet, which Christ was indeed a Prophet, but He was also the Son of God. Those who reject the Son, they, also, reject the Father. So other religions, no matter how sincere, don't recognize the only one who can forgive of sins and be born again through His shed blood. Is it a mental illness to believe the truth or is it a mental illness to misconstrue the truth about those which truly believe Christ through evidence and not blind faith?

I realize the next response will be the God of the gaps, therefore. Which is to say that when we cannot figure something out within the scientific community, we invoke God until the proof becomes apparent to scientists. But as Christians, we attribute almost everything to God; therefore there is no contradiction in the manner in which we invoke God instead of the God of the gaps claim, we simply believe regardless because of who Christ is and knowing He is in control.

I perceive contention with my post will be: "well you believe the earth is 6,000 years old!" No, in fact, many Christian communities have no problem with Theistic Evolution or Creationism-Evolution; however, there are some who believe in the "literal" interpretation of Genesis. That's fine. But Genesis was written for the people at the time to have a basic understanding of the Creation story. While many people, even those who believe in Christ, have mental disorders, it doesn't mean Christianity, the religion in and of itself is mental disorder. In fact, you have some balls for you to dismiss billions of believers in Christ as mentally ill.

"I am a 'faith fatality' who 'resurrected'...  Because I have decided to take a full look at Jesus Christ myself, for myself."

1)  Dr. Eugene Scott. (August 1972). Jesus Christ: Super-Nut? Or Super- Natural, Vol. 1 (Page 9, 10).

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