Friday, October 2, 2015

Gun Violence Has To END!

As with most gun posts, I want to start off by stating I am a military veteran, and I have no problem with law abiding citizens having guns within the confines of the real definition of the Second Amendment. We need effective gun control legislation in this country. Too many people are dying from mass shootings, by people who all too often should not have access to firearms. Because of this, we see an increase in mass shootings take place. Recently,  churches, community colleges, schools and other social gatherings experience the brunt of the vengeance of mental illness by an unhinged individual with a gun.

As the mentally ill roam the streets ( not literally) begs the question, which is the right time for such a conversation? Meaning, right after a shooting is that when? Is there a way in which we can discuss commonsense gun legislation without the crazy gun rights advocates suggesting we are coming for their guns? Because to be honest, it seems as though that’s what the right interprets common sense gun control as; “we are coming for their guns.” In fact, I can picture it already, the right wing gun nuts believe they will one day have to use a gun against a government hell-bent on reducing their humanity to a single-celled organism. Okay, maybe a bit extreme, but the point should be obvious. Obviously, no one has an interest in taking guns from law-abiding citizens, in fact, that’s never been proposed on any serious legislative level. And with all the noise on the right about so much as a background check for the purchase of a firearm, the likelihood of a law to raid homes for firearms is as close to hell freezing over as possible.

For the love of God, can we stop gun violence? Are we that weak as to oppose any commonsense gun legislation? No, instead, we've let Right Wing nut jobs redefine the Second Amendment  to mean to say something it absolutely does not say, which is every Tom and Jerry is entitled to a firearm. And, not just any firearm but any firearm they so choose. Why not just make government issues guns to everyone; free guns for everyone! Y'all get in line for your free gun; kind of thing. To be fair, many people cherish the Second Amendment as they should, however, let’s not be so blind as to neglect the basic human right, the right to live. The right to live trumps your right to a firearm. Just as you have rights to your beloved guns, we have a right to live. And, you have the right to possess liability insurance for damages as a result of your negligence.
Mental illness is this country is growing, and the rate in which people with emotional issues have access to firearms is also increasing. As such, shooters inflict mass murder and tremendous pain upon innocent communities. Because they, the mentally ill,  have access to weaponry; access to weapons that should be out of their ability to get; obtaining firearms should not be so easy. Strict background checks in conjunction with a generalized mental health database registry notification, in which, would accompany a background check should be enforced. You may say that sounds extreme. You're damn right it is, and it should be extreme. Because as we know, firearms are not toys, they're lethal weapons made for one purpose: TO KILL.

We have so many guns in this country that we cannot even track them. We can't even trace them. Because people have misinterpreted the Second Amendment to mean something that it completely doesn't mean, some continue the false claim more guns will keep us safer. In fact, the NRA and other gun lobbying groups have blood on their hands, for forcing the Second Amendment down law-abiding Americans throats; because if we, law abiding citizens, know what's weak gun laws and weak regulations make an irresponsible climate. I agree, criminals don't care about laws, but their logic is more guns will make us safer. But, as we can see, that's never been the case. Again, the Second Amendment has been reinvented and redefined.

The Second Amendment revisionist agenda is nonetheless dangerous as the Christian nation narrative. In fact, this is not a Christian nation it was not found it on Judeo-Christian principles it was founded on a secular model, but that's a separate issue. The point is the Second Amendment evolved into something that it isn't. Something it was never meant to be. The Right Wing extremists outlaw gun insight in a sense. That is to say, if you speak against firearms, you are somehow attempting to take people's guns away, which is not the case. The people who embrace this victimhood mentality loathe any mention of gun control. Look, no one wants to take law-abiding citizens guns away. That's not going to happen. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. You want responsible people to have access to guns, but you want those responsible people who have access to those weapons to have reviews; personal history checks that include mental health assessment as a supplemental component. Possibly in a confidential computerized database. Generalized mental disorder medical health should accompany a personal history review. If there is a mental illness, the application for the firearm should be flagged. Thus, an individual would need a letter from a mental health professional stating an individual can responsibly have a gun in said person's possession.  In my opinion, this would be a great way to ensure the safety of the public reasonably while protecting individuals Second Amendment rights. but protecting society for their second of them map of controversial as it sounds - we need gun control too many people are needlessly dying.

All too often the people who inflict such chaos and terror on people are those with warped or mentally ill. People suffering from mental disorders, severe mental illness, should be required to obtain an okay from a psychologist to receive a firearm. As radical as this sounds, I truly believe it would eliminate some of these mass shootings. Elsewise, we can expect more bloodshed; innocent blood shed. Will life ever matter enough to us to embrace change? Because if not,  more churches and another social gathering will continue to be targets of disenfranchised, conservative folks with access to guns. Society has to be willing to search for a common good among us, as people. You have a right to have a gun, but families have a right to life. Just because you have a gun doesn't mean your right overrides my life to live.

Instead of doing a damn thing, the same response will be given, pray for the victims and all affected by this tragedy; Obama comes out and claims something needs to be done.  In turn, the Right Wing will accuse Obama of politicizing the massacre. Which in all seriousness is the best time to politicize
the issue, that's neither here nor there.  Republicans will rage at Obama, how dare he speak of gun sense! The conservative say more guns create a safer environment. So blindly, we'll continue to give weapons to anyone.

For God's sake will someone point out, Americans should worry more about white right wing extremists than some Muhammad terrorist? This past year,  more people died from guns violence in the United States than in the Iraq and Afghanistan war.
So, we must pay attention to the fact that these mass shootings do not happen throughout the rest of the developed world. It just doesn't happen. If America stands for freedom, possibly the right to life should be the first right, which should outweigh the Second Amendment. The mass mental health, the people we incarcerate with mental illnesses need help, not just to be thrown in a jail cell for the prison industrial complexes benefit , but for the good of society and the sanctity of life, we should care for those who cannot afford mental health screenings, medication and yes, even therapy; for the good of society and to take care of the least of the folks among us. Remember it is us as humans, in a sinful nature, call other people "losers" as though they're life is somehow inadequate therefore it is perfectly fine to mistreat them. Such a cold and callous view of the less fortunate. Conservates have trouble drawing an obvious distinct similarity in the way conservatives view gun laws and the people pushing for a safer America. Now, what most conservatives don't realize is this is the same attitude gun enthusiasts have in their disregard for anyone other than themselves; therefore, gun violence can only end when people with guns realize the value of life.

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