Monday, November 9, 2015

Update:10 Reasons Why I Would Never Vote For Ben Carson.

The first reason, most would probably find irrelevant. However, to me since I am a Christian, and I disagree with his religious views of which condemn other denominations. Now I realize there is no test for religious office, but ironically as he stated he would base his administration after Biblical principles, including tithing; that for him to do is in and of itself unbiblical.

1). Ben Carson is a member of the 7th Day Adventist; whom believe Saturday is the Sabbath. Also, they believe going to church on Sunday is the 'mark of the beast.' Which means the majority of not only Christians, but every other religion damned to hell-fire because they went to church on a wrong day.

2). He claims he grew up in impoverished areas. You know, the rags to riches kind of story conservatives love; especially coming from a black man. It turns out Ben raised in a Middle-Class neighborhood. Now to most impoverished children this sounds like an ideal dream a way out of their poor predicament. The only problem is it doesn't pass the sniff test. In fact, Carson was not raised poor on food stamps as previously alleged.

3). He claims to have once saved a white student from a race riot. This claim raises several eyebrows. Meek and mild, soft-spoken Ben Carson stopped a riot? To an average person because of Carson's disposition. Of course, there is no record or member to found found who can confirm this story.

4). Carson claimed he wasn't a part of the junk science shame Manatech's for cancer treatment, although he received around $40,000.00 for speech are appearances at conventions.

5). He claims the Biblical character Joseph built the pyramids to store grain. In other words, Joseph built the pyramids to serve as a bank of sorts. This claim, of course, flies in the face of reality. Could some temples have been built to support his claim this maybe so, but not within the context Carson alleges. Could tombs have been built to support the claim, yes. However, not within the context Carson claims.

6).  He claims America today is much like Nazi Germany. As preposterous as a claim  that is, what's more shocking is a segment of the population agrees with him, and that's the scary part. Dr. Ben Carson is a brilliant brain surgeon without question; however, in my opinion, he's wrong on a number of  issues, and because of his political incorrectness, he's a dangerous man. He's politically illiterate. 

7). Dr. Carson claimed there's no such thing as war crimes, and that if we're going to have a war we shouldn't hold our soldiers responsible for what happens during combat. The only problem with that is there are rules of war. 
A. The Geneva Convention 
B. The Anti-Torture Act.
C. The Anti-Torture Treaty

Not to mention, wars of aggression that are the number one war crime because therein contains all other war crimes; meaning, each kill is not a combat kill, it's murder. Bombing a hospital is a war crime called a crime against humanity. Bombing ancient cultural sites is deemed cultural genocide. In most rules of engagement, you're not allowed to double tap. Once an individual is down and not a threat doesn't mean you get to continue firing. But, Dr. Carson doesn't understand the rules of warfare, and I don't think he cares, which is worse than being ignorant of the facts. 

8). Ben claimed Obama care is just as bad or worse than slavery. Now, I bet those being whipped to death, watching their wives raped, their children sold. Watching their masters murder their slave women's young children might disagree . Men working until they realize death would be preferential to life.
Carson, who touts the Constitution, is against a Constitutional right for women to make a tough decision. He has a lack of empathy for people who look like him; almost a vitriolic hatred for blacks. The Bible, the one he waves like a banner for the Conservatives drooling over him says to feed the poor and heal the sick. We heal the sick with what's called health care. We feed the poor with what's called snap.  But, they don't believe in the God of the Bible. Carson's God, by his behavior, is a capitalist whom pisses on the poor and tells them it's raining, and then Ben complains, the media is after him for asking legitimate questions about the lie he was stuck up in a chicken establishment. If Carson believes in God; his God is a liar. 

9). One of the most preposterous and outright lies is his scholarship offer to the west point to where he later retracted or "amended" his falsified claim of being offered a scholarship to West Point.

10). He's a Republican. Voting for Carson would ensure the demise of the economy and the Middle Class as we once knew it. It's a proven fact the economy does far better under Democratic presidents. Republicans, by in large, are far more racist, bigoted, arrogant, judgmental and never wrong, even when they're wrong, which is always. 

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