Thursday, November 5, 2015

Ben Carson The 'Homie's' Wack Rap Advertisement.

Did Ben Come To The Dark Side Or is He Using Music To Influence Blacks? Hmm.

Ben Carson, I am not sure if I should refer to you as homey the clown, homeboy, nigga, my dog; I mean, as a campaign ad you put out a rap song as if all blacks listen to rap music.  While, at the same
time, you swear bigotry, racism doesn't exist. What could be more bigoted than to assume blacks listen to rap music or that a message bow tied with a wack rapper would entice African Americans to say, you know what, that Ben Carson, he's my nigga? Is that what blacks are supposed to think?  What's even more upsetting is the outlandish assumption that African Americans give a damn more about a rap song than
your faulty, flawed, and not Biblical flat tax plan. Which by in large benefits the richest amongst us. You, Mr. Carson, do realize the slavemasters used the Bible to manipulate not paying you wages too, right?
I don't know, but it seems God would want the rich to pay more to help folks out of poverty, not a
perversion of His Word to benefit the most powerful influences of the piss for blood wealthy entitled individuals.
And no, we don't want handouts, we don't want 'free stuff'  people simply want an opportunity. And Dr.Ben Carson, you were raised in a system that you now wish to oppress. Your caldemeanor is merely a facade for your underlying lust for greed and  power going so low as to put out a
rap -song by a rapper whom most surely doesn't live in the projects  of the people whose vote you're wishing to steal.

    Carson Wants To Steal The Votes From The Blacks He Back-stabs Daily.
Ben has no problem stealing the African-American vote, while at the same time, claiming the Black Lives
Matter movement is dumb. Ben would continue screwing them over; which makes no sense at all.  As a matter of fact, earlier this year, Ben Carson flat out said 47% of Americans refuse to work. So, by his logic, he's seeking the same people's votes he publicly insults. In fact, he's the type of fellow to kick a man, a family, a woman, a child when they're down. But, hey, he wants your vote because he'd love to screw you over even more!

"CARSON: Yeah, I mean I think what I would be saying, is, you know, there are Pell grants available for poor people to go to community college already, they have existed for years, and they are very
effective. For those who are not poor, there is a four letter work that works extremely well, it's called w-o-r-k, work. And appreciate the education that you are getting. You know, we don't have to give away everything. That was never the intention. The government is not there to give away everything and to take care of people. It is to facilitate our ability to have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That's

Now I could see a Republican like Ben Carson saying this, but what makes it troubling is that he claims to be a Christian, but it's a cult, the 7th Day Adventist believes everyone but them is going to hell.
 "If these folks' only peculiarity was that they met on Saturday to worship, we would have very little to worry about.  But, they teach that Sunday worship is the Mark of the Beast, and Sunday worshippers, they teach, are Satan worshippers.  They may deny this, but as long as they keep quoting Ellen G White, they must have this vulgar heresy stuffed right back down their throats until they repent.  Ms. White was a heretic, and she added to the Scriptures. (3)."

  No Such Thing As A War Crime.
In a speech you make the claim, there are no such things as a war crime. Don't believe me, listen to what
he, himself, said:
"CARSON: Our military needs to know that they’re not gonna be prosecuted when they come back,
because somebody has, said “You did something that was politically incorrect.” There is no such thing as a politically correct war. We need to grow up, we need to mature. If you’re gonna have rules for war, you should just have a rule that says no war. Other than that, we have to win.(1)."

 Well, my friend, if that's what you believe you should never be president of the United States because we've witnessed too many Republican-led war crimes. Not simple mistakes, but deliberate war crimes, wherein illegal action, bloodshed took place, where torture, the humiliation of prisoners, death, and betrayal of American values took place. These crimes happened under Republican leadership.
Underneath a  strong  Democratic hand of Barak Hussein Obama, the war crimes of torture ceased, and the treatment of the prisoners was improved. However, many prisoners are still being held in Cuba unlawfully, for 13 years without charge or access to legal counsel to contest their incarceration, grew, terrorism around the globe, so those once so called peaceful Muslims now did hate America. They hated that we took  people without trial or charge; if they deserve jail time, then charge and convict them. If not, they should be released. You ask why do I mention the Bush Administration's war crimes  because
Ben Carson said himself, there's no such thing as a war crime; whereby admitting,  ironically, the Constitution,
International Law, International Charters ceased to exist once Ben  Carson is president. Carson said:
"There is no such thing as a politically correct war. We need to grow up, we need to mature. If you’re
gonna have rules for war, you should just have a rule that says no war. Other than that, we have to win.

We've violated the rules of war for nearly 13 years, so have we won, Dr. Homie? No, we've  produced far more terrorism than ever existed before 9/11. We should have attacked Saudia Arabia and bombed terrorist training sites in Afganistan, but we let Saudia Arabia get away with the blood they have on their hands from 9/11 to using the proxy's across the globe for terrorist activity, we look the other way, but either way, they, the Saudi's have American blood on their hands. But Ben Carson wants to rap to blacks "conservative values." Your conservative values consist of making the poor poorer and complaining they dare ask for fair wages. Conservative, family values, doesn't give a darn if you get to spend time with your family. But, Paul Ryan is proud he gets a three day work week and gets to spend time with his kids. But, wait, I thought you Mr. Carson was the idol of family values? In fact, it's a  lie.
Democrats fight viciously for family values, fair pay, equal rights, justice, accountability, racial unity, religious freedom, to worship or not worship as you see fit. Most Democratic Christians don't worship a Jesus, hell bent on destroying the poor or pissing on them and swearing it must be raining.

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