Sunday, November 15, 2015

The God Of Islam Is A Monster.

Can you imagine sitting inside of a stadium watching your favorite soccer team playing, excited or upset if they're winning or losing?  And then, all of the sudden you hear the explosions, as to which at first you think, are firecrackers,  but you soon realize that they are bombs. The problem with Muslims, is it necessarily the religion itself, it's the complete literalist interpretation along with isolation of the text and their continued effort to distance themselves from westernized culture. They feel that we, as Americans, as European countries that, we are the enemy we are the Great Satan as it were. In order to psychologically create rather, rational mistrust into hatred, you have to make your opponent not an simple enemy but an evil force, and terror networks, especially, ISIS are good at making America and our allies appear evil. Therefore, the Muslim terrorist believe what they are doing is pious and a worthy cause for their false god.

Even though we've been in the Middle East trying to help Muslim countries and to eradicate terrorism in all places specifically the Middle East and Africa now, isis radicalized teenagers or in their early 20's. These young people then return from Syria radicalized willing to commence Jihad on innocent people; of  which no God accepting of such slaughter is worth serving. But sadly, that's exactly what's happening, you have these kids who are overly disillusioned, undiagnosed mental disorders, who feel marginalize, these kid's feel their self-worth lies in radical Islam. So, maybe they feel like it is a calling to commence jihad. Maybe they feel their calling, their purpose is to blow themselves  up.  You see, it's easy to manipulate people online particularly using  biased propaganda. 

Sure, these terrorists are good at using different video tapes manipulated in such a fashion it makes the West out to be the bad guys causing these kids to do things they otherwise would never do. So once these kids link up through social media with terror recruiters, they are now in a position where they find themselves in Syria being radicalized.

So to convince these teenagers to return to Paris or London or UK is to inflict terror. terrorists must make others out to be wicked and ungodly. You know, that area to conduct mainly lone wolf terror operations for their small cells of terrorist Islamist extremist groups that work together to coordinate mass terrorism by influencing them with their propaganda and therefore they believe that once they carry out this so-called jihad they will go to heaven and that God will give them 72 virgins. So this terror attack is like gold to the people who do not want immigration reform because they can just as easily point to situations such as Paris where these bastard terrorists murdered nearly 150 innocent people.

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