Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Legalistic Christians Go Bananas Over Starbucks's Christmas Cups.

So, Republicans, as I understand it, are pissed off with political correctness and the word police; so, I tell you now, if you're a person who cares about being politically
Correct and not using real language, please stop reading this post right now.

Recently, Starbucks, a private franchise, decided instead of putting their traditional snowflakes and Santa Clause and such on their cups; it's  a got damn war on Christmas!
However, the cups are the holiday, Christmas colors. Red. Green. White. But Christians; especially the legalistic, do as I say not as I do types of Christians are outraged with the private company. As a matter of fact, there are petitions to boycott the establishment as well as petitions for Starbucks to change their cups back to the original snowflake
Santa Clause images on the cups.   Apparent
ly, these same stupid Christians, one of whom is a pastor, haven't read the Bible, look up the verses for yourself, I will not take up space for information you should already know. Damn your pious disposition, and damn your misdirected outrage. The following verses prove you wrong; meaning, you're begging people to make merchandise out of Christ. How quickly we forget, the Lord Jesus literally whipped people for doing such things. (John 2:16, Luke 2:49, Matthew 22:5).  Why is it that when you morons, and you are in the minority, plan to protest it never works? In other words, you do nothing more than make fools out of yourself. I know this isn't about 'Black Lives Matter' but look at their power to make a change, and your pathetic, pathetic, disconnected attempt to make change is void of substance. Sure, the rich Christians have some pull, but where do they get their money from when you cannot pay your car payment? They get it from you promising you wealth beyond measure that never happens, should you simply sow a seed of faith wealth will pour down from Heaven.
No, it sure the hell is not right, and to hell with them if they continue to make merchandise of those who trust in Christ.

Which leads me back to these coffee cups, the only people who will change the mind of the coffee franchise are the very wealthy and well-connected folks like that sick millionaire Franklin Graham and
A ministry that sucks money from followers who may be earnest, honestly giving out of love for Christ, but their love, hope, faith, happiness, is at best misdirected because God doesn't need your money; at least not in the way mega church pastors claim. So, the damn coffee cup hurts the feelings of some; I say so what! No other coffee franchise that I know of creates special Christmas coffee cups.
We have Christians beheaded in Syria and elsewhere throughout the world, and these idiots, yes idiots are concerned with a coffee cup having Santa removed from a coffee cup. Well, remember you cannot spell Santa without Satan; drink up that coffee.  There's probably no one I know who loves coffee more than I do; I thought the cups look perfect for the Christmas season. I never once had a tight stomach over the fact snowflakes replaced their cups.

And, then we have this former, anti-homosexual-anti-evolution pastor Joshua Feinstein, he's calling Starbucks and promoting that people claim their name is Merry Christmas; therefore, the barista will place Merry Christmas on the coffee cup instead of the person's real name. Oh, that's brilliant, bother the poor barista who has no say over the policies of the establishment. I am sure God would love for you to make a mockery of Christmas and encourage others to make merchandise out of His Holy Name. The only thing Christ whipped someone for was making Merchandise out of His name, yet people are encouraging each other to do just that because, hey that'd be hilarious. That's not civil disobedience. That's a civil harassment. Need I repeat, this country was founded on no religion, and it holds no religion above another; theoretically; but most Christians who yearn to feel the slightest bit of victimization will find anything to do so, regardless of how irrelevant the issue.

I again mention people executed for their Christian faith in the Middle East. Ironically, George Bush has done more to harm Christians than any other U.S president.  He disregarded International Law and invaded a sovereign nation, creating ISIS, who are currently enslaving, raping, murdering Christians. Saddam was a bad guy, but so long as people kept their mouth shut they were left alone because they feared punishment from Saddam.  Therefore, Christians in the ancient land were protected. Now, thanks to George Bush, the Iraqi Christians have no protection; their churches destroyed without mercy.

But, we must remember a coffee cup without snowflakes is an assault on religious liberty. In case, you don't know I say that tongue in cheek.  Christians are starving across the globe, there's record number homelessness because of the effects of Republican policies, but you people are upset over a damn coffee cup?
Your pious attitude makes me sick, and your lack of empathy for the poor is nauseating. If you do boycott Starbucks take your money to a homeless shelter for blankets and pillows, whatever supplies might be needed; donate to a Christian seminary or someone doing work in Christ's name daily.
There are literally people starving to death in other countries. Hell, in this country, there are at least 2 million homeless families, homeless, no place to go; but you're worried about a  damn coffee cup and claim it's an assault on religious liberty. I say to you, you have no idea what religious liberty is or what it means for that matter. I wish we, as Christians, cared more about the suffering of those around the world. As one person, we can do but so much, but as the body of Christ, we have the ability to help those in need. No, I don't mean simply providing a Bible, but I mean Christian Counseling, food, clothing, teachers, vaccinations. Simply hitting a donation button on a website doesn't always ensure your money is going for the intended purposes. At the same time, God knows your intentions to help those in need. So, this Christmas season, instead of worrying about a coffee cup, please pray and do whatever you can to help stop the suffering of our brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world. Millions of children around the world, let alone the country, won't have a single Christmas present to open. Even working families with wages so low cannot get their children much, and they feel horrible about it. Instead of harassing Starbucks, why not buy a gift card for someone who loves Coffee but cannot afford the brew. Oh, for most of the suffering in Christ never have so much as tasted the coffee you enjoy.

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