Monday, November 30, 2015

'Pro-Life' Group Finds: The Religious Right Makes Up For 70% Of Abortions; Is It Finally Time To Drop The Self-Righteous Persona?

 The pious ambitions of the anti-choice crowd is astonishing if not ironically absurd. They gather in numbers on the sidewalk at Planned Parenthood clinics. Forgetting to check if the clinic they're protesting offers abortion services. Not all Planned Parenthood clinics offer such services. Be that as it may, the religious far Right is brainwashed by doctored videos which claim Planned Parenthood is selling body parts/tissue for medical research. To be clear, they were not selling fetal tissue rather reimbursed for shipping cost, which they have since ceased from doing. Now, there is no cost associated with fetal tissue research. I am not defending the positions of pro-life or pro-choice, I will address personal thoughts on a separate post.

The point of this post is to display the utter hypocrisy of the religious far right.  As previously stated, they come out in droves with their pro-life t-shirts and pro-life banners and words of condemnation for all who visit the organization seen at no cost,  for some health care-associated reasons. Did I mention Planned Parenthood offers breat cancer screening, venereal testing, reproductive services, and sexual education to avoid unwanted pregnancies without resorting to abortion?
Go on and tell yourself how abstinence-only education works. But, the states with the highest teen pregnancy rates are those teaching abstinence only education, which in today's world means, if you're going to have sex, contraception is wrong; therefore, they get pregnant out of utter shame the only, ironic, choice is to have an abortion. The stigma of people knowing you had sex out of wedlock, for some people that's too much to bear. In the current political climate, I have empathy for these women. I pray for them, but I refuse to condemn them as their issues are between them and their God.

Marganalized women are left in the shadows; and their voices are drowned out by the screams of self-righteous Religious Right nuts

Mostly women but some pious men spew at the emotionally, spiritually, and financially destitute in-order
to scream they're evil for going into a Planned Parenthood. How convenient it must be for you to disregard the pain, suffering, and torment inside a woman entering an abortion clinic, assuming she's getting an abortion. Because the first thing these women need to see is seething angry misguided (heated) Christians.

When I saw an excellent article written by Cassandra Fairbanks titled: 'Christians Make Up 70% Of Women Having Abortions, “Pro-Life” Group Finds.' I wanted to express my thoughts, mostly to the far-right Christian community because they aren't as "right" as they'd like us to believe, and I find it utterly shameful that the disproportionate number of abortions happen amongst the people who scream the loudest. Somewhat unrelated but a similar point is conservatives who scream the loudest about homosexuality, it's because they're suppressing their thoughts and desires, but desperately want to disassociate themselves with those thoughts only to raise eyebrows.

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