Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dirt Bag Ted Cruz: We Will Take No Children Fleeing A War Torn Country!

Although his, Ted Cruz's, father benefited from the generosity of the Land of Liberty welcoming him with open arms as a refugee from Cuba, his son, Senator Ted Cruz does not want to afford the Syrian refugees the same hope given to his father. But we must not forget what brought us to this point, and that is in 2003 George Bush lied us into a war with Iraq and once Iraq fell all hell broke loose and when that hell broke loose so too did chaos between different sects of the population to include Sunni and Shia, Christian, and other ethnic, religious minorities. Worries that terrorists might also be coming into the country along with the refugees are valid concerns, but it is equally possible that the Syrian people won't view us from the other side of a drone, but as people, people like them.

 Mr. Cruz seems completely unaware of the fact that his family greatly benefited from being allowed to stay in the land of opportunity, and that's sad. It's sad for many reasons, one of which is he is supposed to be an elected official for the people by the people. I don't agree with Mr. Cruz that Christians should be the only refugees allowed to come into the country, because, as Christians, we are to convert people to Christianity; we are not to force them to any religion or any faith at all but through our compassion through our love, Christianity. Had George Bush not blatantly lied to the American people into a false war established on self-constructed "evidence" positioned on false pretense nearly one  million Iraqi and Syrians might still be alive today. As a result of that lie that he and his administration concocted to bring the American people into the Middle East simply because he thought that doing so would lead to the end times defies basic humility.

George Bush thought he was chosen to start the end times battle; Gog and Magog, to rise or a biblical prophecy of the end times. He believed his role as commander in chief was to send people to war in which he knew was an illegal one; he started a  war in the most volatile places on earth. Before Bush entered the Middle Eastern country of Iraq, there was little violence in Iraq and part of the reason there was little violence in Iraq was because of some Saddam Hussein's ruthless torture chambers. People believed that if they acted out or created problems in Iraq that they would be dealt with swiftly and in brutal fashion. So Saddam Hussein had control over his people, mostly by fear, yet under control under Saddam Hussein, Christians were protected not because he like Christianity not because he cared for Christians, but because he wanted peace on his land unless he was the one to act of violence. Should an uprising occur, at that time, he Saddam would carry out the violence. So, there were no suicide bombers there was no terrorism in Iraq when Saddam Hussein was in control. Therefore, the straw man argument that conservatives make is that the Middle East is a better place without Saddam. Conservative believed that with a democratically elected government, everything would be just great. They couldn't have been wronger.

What they don't understand is the people do not respect the Iraqi government because the Iraqi government favors either the Shia or the Sunni Muslim population, more so than when Saddam was in power. Because of George Bush's war on Christians, the ancient parts of Christendom history are being destroyed by people 10-times worse than Saddam. Christians now are persecuted more than ever before that is a major problem. How many conservative governors are claiming that they will not allow refugees in their state?  While it might sound cute to come of these right-wingers, but it is unconstitutional to refuse refugees as the executive branch has that power. In 2005, a bill was passed giving the executive branch the authority to determine refugee status?. As a result governors and conservatives alike have been flipping out doing everything to stop American compassion. So, governors can try but in all honesty cannot stop any refugees from entering the United States.

As a matter of fact, George Bush's brother Jeb Bush said the United States should allow only Christians into the country.Besides that being unconstitutional, that is clearly a religious test, which again is unconstitutional. In fact, some governor's have called for building walls around their state to keep their state were a border state religion, but's clearly heartless and he has one that does plays two political correctness they claim that the left uses the political correctness card, but they flip the same race card over and use it too. So, pretending you're not a Cuban and weren't born in the land of hope, you should be the last one to introduce legislation banning people just like your father.


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