Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Christian Nation Hypocrisy: Part 3

The hypocrisy of a so-called Christian nation: part 3. In this post, I want to clearly further discuss why America is not a Christian nation, according to the Bible.  First, I want to approach this from a financial, income inequality. racial, political ideological, and down right to the issues which is a heart of flesh or sin point of view.  I cannot stress enough how the poor in the country are far from lazy. As a matter of fact, a study came out just the other day stating as much. But since the recent article might not be as persuasive let's first start with some stats from  few years back. First, we must start with the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

People spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to go to college and far too often don't get a job in the field, they majored in rendering their degree irrelevant for their position. With high tuition reimbursement payments due and jobs with little pay, even though you're a college graduate, you're still poor. Now,  those lucky and bless enough to find a good job with wealth I assume revenue brings satisfaction for a number of obvious reasons. Being able to pay bills on time, buying the newest clothes or the latest fads. I have nothing against the wealthy I wish them, well in Christ. So, this is not a post bemoaning the wealthy. But, we cannot deny the income disparity in the wealthiest country on earth.

(1). The wealthy the well-connected do not care about the two million homeless Americans. Those living in the street without a glimpse of light in sight.  As a matter of fact, 40% of the country lives under the middle-class wages or what we would consider middle-class wages. This in and of itself shows that there's a hierarchy structure in which was put together by the top for the top and designed to keep those at the bottom in a passive state of delight that their reward will come in the afterlife. It's like the slave masters told the slaves, be grateful for what you have now because in heaven you will have great rewards.

The slave masters never spoke of capitalism or how the African Americans could free themselves from slavery, this chained their intuitively; on them that being poor is a blessing and you will be rewarded in heaven so don't worry that you are for now  but be grateful for the little that you have because later you will have much  and it brought this  into the African American psyche that they are to have less because they are less worthy of possession or wealth, and they're less worthy  achievements or goals thereof were to be content with nothingness and to be proud of being nobody;  therefore, the African American was trained from the beginning  to believe they were nothing and they could never be anything in this life, therefore,  be grateful because in the afterlife, with all their eggs in the basket of a perfect of faith and obedience to their master, life in heaven would be a blessing.

 (2). So the notion that America is a Christian nation with pious Christian  values contradicts what the Bible claim that God created man equal. But, America specifically is said to be  a nation which is Christian; however, we greatly error in that many people are given the same worth the same value Christ died for on Calvery, in the eyes of men, are not equal; whereby spitting in the face of Christ for His mercy for all who come and repent. Take, for example, the police officers shooting unarmed African-American at a disproportionately high rate they are singing most often as a threat African American young man mid-twenties are considered a threat to believe but, there has been a number of shooting that contradict that notion that blacks are somehow inherently evil. therefore, they deserve to be shot dead by police. And the police will even put a narrative together we're in the African American humanize is it appeared to be animals if you will when however videotape surfaces, they can no longer remain fine about their misgivings about their lives and they are forced to come out until the truth and charge officers with murder. If this country viewed God as a fair guy, there would be no need for the disproportionate inadequate representation the legal system there would be no reason for one man to get off on the exact same crime another person have the death penalty.


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