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Let me first start this post with a little-spoken fact, race, in and of itself, is a social construct and not a specific attribute of man, as there is one race, the human race. But for this post, I will use the word 'race' to describe it's true intended meaning, which is to suggest certain people are ethnic/nationalities are better "races" than others.
Today, we see racism from both spectrums, the left and the right side of the political and religious perspective. In this post, I will specifically speak of the far right conservative racial views. White racist think they're a superior class of people and as such are deserving of respect and control. Compliance and control over whom, you ask? On the right, we have people seeking control over the people they deem to be lower races or classes of people, which of course on the far right, as we know happen to be African Americans or other ethnic minorities. In a post picked up by the news website Salon, Duke said the following.

On the left, you have minorities who don't hold the same views in reverse,  rather they hold a common theme of a free and just society through social, economic opportunuity, and a revised justice system favoring equality. The views of the left far outweigh the racially manipulative message of the political right. Now, in politics, it's essential that you vote for candidates who have your families best interests in mind. However, some Republican candidates see no bounds of reason when it comes to race. Meaning, they will say and do anything to gain the racist whites Southern vote. Donald Trump, the front-runner, coming into the primary voting season has tapped into that vicious racism; especially in the Southern white communities who regularly vote, against their interests, to maintain a white Republican in office. Throughout the years, these poor choices have led to devastating family effects. Racist whites who put these racist white nationalist in office do their families a  disserve, and they bear the consequences. Just to name  a few

1). Stagnant wages
2). Class warfare
3). Racial Inequality.
4). Wealth Inequality.

You see as long as the powerful can have the powerless point the finger at each other, they can manipulate the financial system and social construct, so much so that you won't even know what's happening. Meaning, there is no way the powerful want to give any indication they're screwing you, so they tell you to vote for 'exceptionalism.' You know, the candidate most willing to send troops to war to "protect" the homeland, which by the way is what Islamic extremist want. U.S. troops invading their shores, so they can once again perpetuate this victimology syndrome that disenfranchised youth sees as Western aggression and are more apt to join a Jihad against the West.

Donald Trump, as previously stated, the Republican frontrunner for the Republican Party presidential nomination in 2016 has said the vilest things one can utter against any "race" of people. Hispanics are rapist and murderers. We cannot trust Muslims and blacks have a fundamental problem on law enforcement. All of which are overwhelmingly false. Is there evidence for what Mr. Trump states? Yes, but not the way he frames issues.

Dr. David Duke, a former Grand Wizard of the KKK, thinks Trump's ideology out does his radical beliefs. Now, that's saying a lot. But to be clear, many white nationalist, white supremacist societies withing the U.S. have endorsed Donald Trump. As a matter of fact, any non-white protesters at Trump's rallies are forcefully thrown out with not so kind words spoken such as 'burn that nigger' among other phrases I need not repeat.  So, we see the Republican party base for their true ideals, the political climate in this election season is anything but mundane.

1). Scott Eric Kaufman. (28 December 2015). Former KKK Grand Wizard says the Donald even trumps him when it comes to speaking “radically” about America’s future
David Duke's encouraged that Trump's radicalism is giving racists "the courage to speak out." Salon.  http://www.salon.com/2015/12/28/former_kkk_grand_wizard_says_the_donald_even_trumps_him_when_it_comes_to_speaking_radically_about_americas_future/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=socialflow

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