Thursday, December 24, 2015

Refugees Found with ISIS Flag & Execution Pics on Phones

 Much to the surprise of Denmark officials, they found Syrian refugees with Islamic extremist execution videos and ISIS flags on their phones. Some suggest most of the stories on the matter leave out crucial information such as; the Syrians curiosity of the brutality of the group or sharing the information with others in an effort to keep them from joining the anti-west fight. Either way, the images are so disturbing that I don't buy the nuanced approach to that line of thinking. Meaning, if you have ISIS flags or execution videos on your phone once you cross that border, you should be immediately turned back regardless of your excuse. The good people of Denmark or other charitable countries offering these refugees refuge are right to take all the precautions necessary to protect the citizens already living in Denmark.

The loud call to the violent jihad ideology has never been so deadly and dangerous. One must separate political correctness from hatered and bigotry. Although it is easy to confuse political correctness for hatred, they are not the same. 

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