Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Defense: Theistic Evolution

So, I have to reply to a previous post that I wrote about theistic evolution. I was just using a theological, philosophical argument to express a Biblical defense for a scientific theory, which in and of itself is difficult. There is no denying that evolution is a theory. Therefore, as Christians, we must understand the theory by using the 'faith lens.' The 'faith lens' meaning, we view life and science, or any claim for that matter, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Word of God offers a pure worldview, ideology that science has very, little, claim of defending or refuting; spirituality; to be clear, no one has suggested science makes any true theological assertions. Usually, evolution uses scientific disciplines and speech intended for scientific understanding. Instead, the Bible provides, a spiritual truth of a physical reality. So, my point or argument was not that God cannot create, or did not create, the earth within six entire
days or that it did happened in six complete 24 hour days, but scientific research suggests, there's a deeper truth to the theory. Of course, theology and God's truth can interpret these discrepancies through Biblical truth. I just see no reason to focus on a literal interpretation of something spiritual in nature. Meaning, that there is a glimpse of the ordinary reality as well as a religious component to the creation story. The creation story, if taken literally, goes against scientific research and experimental data that proves or suggests that the Bible contradicts scientific research, which if correctly understood science does not oppose the Bible. The contention lies with spiritual interpretation and not with what scientists claims. We gain guidance, divine truth, and spiritual strength through the creation story. So, creationism, in and of itself, is spiritual guidance to the truth in God's word in that building character through the stages of God's mercy, God's grace, and God's wisdom; flourishing into who God intended you to become. Understanding and the fact that God cares for his creation. This fact does not mean that we are simply random chance, no we are completed by God's particular design. Theistic evolution is scientifically accurate, Biblically accurate. Some suggest theistic evolution is not consistent with Biblical doctrine, I disagree,  I think, that God creates everything from a basic standpoint to grow into a whole, mature spirit filled nature which is entirely consistent with biblical theology.
Now, please do not get me wrong, I am not suggesting that random chance is it play in Gods creation. The fact of the matter is Sunday school taught the earth has been created within the six-day period. But that does not mean that that world views or that that truth is consistent with natural reality. In that, the Bible is spiritual in nature, the Bible is spiritual guidance.  For the record, there is a difference between a philosophical argument and a scientific argument. This case happens to be philosophical contention.
I realize some Christians may have trouble understanding theistic evolution, and they may even regard it as heresy; however, I believe that biblical truth with scientific evidence creates a worldview that matches what God's Word reveals spiritually. One cannot have a spiritual truth without an intuitive understanding of their surroundings. One might suggest that the spiritual and natural revelations come through the Bible. I for one, agree, there is evidence for theistic evolution. Evolution is a theory that again is an embodiment of scientific disciplines holding to particular observations and controlled experiments. Therefore, it is my belief that God set conditions, in which the world would flourish to an individual state. And, that the evolutionary process would bring forth life, as it were; through metamorphosis, the evolving of species, etc. What many do not understand is that my argument validates the creation story and the spiritual aspect of God within His creation. In Genesis, there is a spiritual and natural reality, and they compliment each other.

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