Monday, April 9, 2018

There Are Christians In America, But This Is Not A Christian Nation

For the past several decades, opportunistic politicians and pseudo-experts have made the claim America is a  Christian nation. One which bases itself on Judaeo-Christian values, but is this true?  Now to be fair, some would say yes, and no; however, the extent to which Christianity's involvement in the American governmental process wouldn't be considered completely Biblical. That is to say if one claims America is a Christian nation, we sure did a horrible job of developing a society wherein all persons granted equality and equal protection under the law. Now, of course, we say we're  protected equally under the law, but the people with the highest amount of cash get out of doing the same things poor people do. This article or notion isn't to indict the rich and mistake social justice for income inequality although they are related. In fact, that is a false notion peddled throughout the years is extremely dangerous to the entrancement of religious freedom. Certainly, there are Christians in America, but there is no doubt America is NOT solely founded on Christianity.

"A majority of the American people (51 percent) believes that the U.S. Constitution establishes a Christian nation,  according to the State of the First Amendment survey released last month by the First Amendment Center.
Because language about a Christian America has long been a  staple of Religious Right rhetoric, it’s not surprising that  acceptance of this patently false interpretation of the Constitution is strongest among evangelicals (71 percent) and  conservatives (67 percent)."(1).

For the record, I am a Christian. But to be honest, I am sick and tired of hearing how this nation was built on Judaeo-Christian principles when many of the so-called founders weren't Christians, at all.  So, let's take a look at the early founder's goal to establish a secular country; one where no one religion or lack thereof would dominate any other religious belief, which in part makes America different from other nations in that we are free to hold respectful religious opinions/differences without the threat of imprisonment from doing so.

Once any established religion bounds people, their religious freedom goes out the window, although some will swear to God America is a Christian nation, politely agree to disagree with them. Now, this doesn't shut down the conversation it simply de-escalates passionate reaction on the part of both people. Many say the laws in this country derive from Biblical principle. Keep in mind many of the laws carried to America derive from Britain. However, some laws; especially, dealing with religious beliefs and personal equality were ratified.

The Religious Right created an environment wherein the politicians flocked to popular preacher's churches to embrace the notion of a Christ-like society. Promising their administration would protect religious liberty. This idea of political candidates was nothing more than to win the evangelical vote. Politicians, pop in a white, black, Hispanic, and some Islamic centers to persuade religious voters, they are the candidate who will preserve your religious liberty. Of course, to the brainwashed churches, fake politicians will even make passionate pleas for you, hear their conversation story or salvation experience. The sad thing is most churchgoers eat it up and continue the narrative America is a Christian nation that is in part a complete fabrication of U.S


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