Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Trump is The Most Racist Presidential Candidate In My Lifetime.

Donald Trump is the most racist vitriolic individual, outside the KKK or white nationals, I've ever seen. I am only 36, but I cannot remember a time during a presidential primary season where the front runner for the Republican Party espoused such racist slim on  Blacks, Hispanics, ethnic, religious affiliations, Syrians, and spent so much time trying to convince us he's a Christian; which he most certainly is not a Christian at least not in the Biblical sense. He may be a member of the false White Identity Movement, who believe white are God's chosen people; excuse me while I cough. He's kicked blacks out of his rental property for the purposes of their skin color. He's avoided having blacks work in the front of his establishments. They were to work in the background, back rooms what have you. To me, it's painful to see a country once cherished for its diversity pull from the fray exposing the deep-rooted racism deeply embedded in this country. Other countries laugh at the stupidity of Donald Trump and his willingness to criticize others for doing the same thing he's done. What's more troubling is at some of his rallies Christian hold signs saying "Thank You, Lord Jesus,
For Donald Trump." I kid you not. It's sick and it won't stop unless Christians, real Christians, true Christians rise up and say enough is enough. Jesus would hate what trump is doing. Donald Trump is NOT a Christian.

Let's look at some racist statements a potential president made.

As for refugees, if Trump knew the Bible his reaction might be slightly different, but he doesn't know the Bible, he's trying to steal stupid Right Wing Evangelical Christian votes.

Look, vote for the person you see most fit, but as for me, Trump is not fit or worthy to be president of the United States. America has a lot of problems. We need as  tested challenged leader, Hillary Clinton. That's who we need for president Hillary Clinton. 


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