Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bernie Sander's Proposals Will Never Pass Congress.

Universal Healthcare
This political season we see a shift in the progressive / the Democratic Party. More people are out for progressivism they, progressives, want an actual progressive, but Bernie Sanders will not be able to accomplish the plans or agenda that he is setting forth. First, his universal healthcare plan must pass the Congress and the Senate that will be incredibly hard to do. The Affordable Care Act was hard enough to get through with a majority Democratic House and Democratic Senate. So, the idea of passing universal healthcare is almost incomprehensible when it comes to the current mood in America. Unfortunately, people are upset about Obamacare already and they want to go back to the way it was before Obamacare especially conservatives. The one thing that is bad about Obamacare is the mandate which is to say you must buy or purchase health care or pay a fine. That in and of itself is not how the health care system should run. But, the nature of the healthcare program is one that requires mass participation in pooling healthcare plans in order to make them cost effective. Now, that is the way that it is working in all aspects of the Affordable Care Act. However, there is room for improvement. But Bernie Sanders wants to do away with Obamacare whereby entirely scrapping the Affordable Care Act and providing universal health care. What makes people a little uncomfortable with this is that there would be a tax increase in the payroll tax deduction. But, there would be no copay or out-of-pocket pay, supposedly. The idea that conservatives would allow this to pass is mind boggling at bat. Even with the Affordable Care Act, conservatives took the matter all the way to the Supreme Court, twice. It was ruled constitutional but conservatives have still voted 50 times to scrap the Affordable Care Act. They have not been successful, however, that does not mean that universal health care would be upheld by the Supreme Court. Essentially, Bernie Sanders health care plan would inevitably be a failure in Congress. As a result, he's offering people false hope.
 Private healthcare insurance companies would make sure that it would not pass by paying Congress members to vote against the Act. 

Tuition-Free  College
His second plan for tuition-free college is almost inevitably to fail. The reason for that, is most people especially rich people, do not want to see their taxes increase which is what would need to happen in order to pay for universal college for students. Congress would surely vote against tuition-free college, although every other industrialized country has other affordable college or tuition-free college, the United States seems to run on a different platform and use different justification for denying what most wealthy countries would consider core and fundamental rights. Therefore, it's almost inconceivable that tuition-free college would pass in the Congress. What might pass is penalties for predatory lenders and closing the so called for-profit colleges, for-profit colleges are colleges that get money from government tuition, but charge high-interest rates. Often, students end up jobless and with a massive amount of tuition debt which is almost impossible to repay. Therefore, interest builds and drains you. Often, you end up paying more in interest than you did for tuition.

Raise Minimum Wage
Bernie Sanders wants to raise the minimum wage to a livable wage. This change is not something conservatives want especially conservatives in Congress, and they will vote against it. Most conservatives claim they want no minimum wage at all. There are seriously employers who wish to pay you what they think you're worth. If an employer thinks you're worth $2 an hour, they should be able to pay you $2 an hour, that's what conservative evangelical Christian Republicans believe. Of, course, not all conservatives think this way, but it's scary some do.

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