Friday, January 8, 2016

Conservative Fear-Mongering On Obama's Executive Gun Control Legislation.

Many conservatives are purposefully miss stating, even misleading people on the president's executive action on gun control. His executive action on gun control falls within the parameters of the United States Constitution. First of all, the president, through executive authority, has a wide range of latitude with in regard to what he can do executively in dealing with gun control. Is executive actions are merely safety precautions that will work hand in hand with mental health and criminal background checks as well as introducing safety requirements for gun manufacturers requiring gun manufacturers to ensure safety precautions for their firearms. In addition, the president's executive orders aim to curb the 'gun show loophole' where people can buy guns without giving a background check. Also, you must register if you are selling firearms over the Internet or locally and you must ensure background checks for the firearms that you are selling.
As a side note, I want to state that Fox News insinuation that President Obama was fake crying when discussing the death of the 20 children who died in the New town Sandy Hook massacre is absolutely ludicrous, ridiculous, and even  enraging.
Some people have this notion that guns are for everyone and under no circumstance should they be denied guns or you're denying them their constitutional right to bear arms. When in fact, it is the exact opposite; denying those with criminal records the right to bear arms gives law-abiding citizens more confidence in using firearms for self-defense. Because most law-abiding citizens wouldn't use guns to commit crimes, courts are more apt to exonerate the so-called good guys with guns; therefore, less legal struggle exist with lawful gun owners. 
President Obama's gun legislation by executive orders is completely constitutional we have a whole lot of people who believe they are constitutional attorneys running around saying that what he is doing is against the law. These are the people the militiamen who holding Burns Or
egon hostage at a Wildlife Center using their electricity taking over their buildings and doing so through the use or threat of force is unacceptable that is not constitutional that is not something that the founders quote unquote would have afforded them through the Second Amendment. In other words, the 2nd amendment was not meant to be used as a force or tool to bully the federal government to bully local authorities to bully local communities, and to take over sacred National Park refugee sites endangering the welfare of the community, the wildlife, the land, and the livelihood of those who live in the local area. There have been many of these militiamen going on YouTube and other video venue sites almost giving their goodbye messages through videos which have since been deleted. To me, they sound like suicide bombers. The suicide bombers give a video statement about why they're doing what they're doing and to their families they bid farewell and that is exactly what these militiamen did in some of these videos. So in some regards, there is no distinction between Islamic terrorism and right wing terrorism inside the United States. At town hall meetings, several residents made it clear that they do not agree with the Bundy occupation of the Wildlife Refuge Center to make a statement about the federal government's overreach thru the militia's interpretation of the Constitution. Instead of going to court, these militiamen have decided that they will use their firearms to send a message to anyone who stands in their way, that they will use force to get their way. Instead of doing what law abiding citizens would do, which is go to court, and take care of arguments through the legal process, they intimidate folks at the end of a barrel of a gun.
Is that what the Constitution gives them the authority to do? No, in fact, they are breaking the law. What do I mean when I say they are breaking the law? When you take control of a wildlife or any federal building home or property that does not belong to you and claim that should federal authorities should the police come you will shoot them that that is against the law. Furthermore, these militiamen do not live in Oregon they do not live in Burns County they do not live in the vicinity of the area in which they claim the constitutional rights are being trampled upon. If anyone should be outraged about the so-called United States Constitution and its legality over the land that the Bundys are on it should be the indigenous people, the Native Americans. Their right to their land was stripped by the use of force and you have these militiamen who are criminals let's get that straight they are criminals they are breaking the law. They have broken an entry into a federal building and are occupying that federal building is a crime. Regardless of they're claim, they are doing no damage, taking over a building taking over property taking over areas that do not belong to you and holding the land hostage until you get your way is breaking the law. Make no mistake about it, these are not patriots, these are right wing thug

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