Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hill Billy Conservatives Believe President's Executive Gun Control Legislation.

Are you sick of conservatives misrepresenting the president's view on gun control? Me too. I mean, it's bad enough they don't even understand the legislation, but to continually misrepresent stated facts as false, to be honest, is done on purpose and the right-wing cash in on the naivety of the stupid American people. Notice I did not say Americans rather the stupid Americans who eat anything laced with conspiracy theories and misnomers. Conservatives love conspiracy theories because their base is as close to cowardice as possible. I say that not in a masculine sense, but in a sense of inner fear, a fear that someone is out to get them or their firearms when that;s far from the case, yet they believe it all the same. 
1. Conservative claim Obama is coming after their firearms, far from the case. President Obama is in acting gun legislation that curves the violence you see on the streets every day, at least, eighty-eight people die of gun-related incidents each day be the accidental shootings, suicides, gang rivals a domestic violence etc.
2. Background checks must be made for people purchasing firearms also the Internet, or at a gun show. Thus, eliminating the gun show loophole that people who have criminal records take advantage of to purchase firearms.
3. President Obama's executive orders also include mental health funding in research to develop coordination between background checks and mental health screenings so that that information can be shared and when an individual purchases a firearm a registry will be aggregated so that the dealer will know if an individual has a mental health concern or something that might flag for such issues related to mental health.
4. President Obama's executive order also requires gun manufacturers seek wagons in which firearms can be protective with using safeties that are difficult for children to figure out how to use another words using protective measures that ensure children cannot of accidental shootings in addition, so that it people or a person steals your firearm they're unable to use the power arm because they do not have either a code of fingerprint extra which in all honesty is extremely is a no-brainer.
5. The president's executive orders also include holding gun manufacturers responsible for mass shootings in which the firearm is easily accessible without such safety messages as previously discussed. Thus, it gives gun manufacturers an incentive to find ways in which they can keep firearms safe while at the same time ensuring that the 2nd amendment is not infringed upon.
6. It will also be a federal offense to sell firearms either over the Internet or in person without requiring penalties as stiff as 7 years imprisonment and/or a $250,000 fine. Also, you must be licensed if you are going to sell firearms either over the Internet or in person regardless of the volume of firearms, you must be licensed to do so. But the main focus is mental health, and in dealing with people who slip through the cracks and purchase firearms when in fact they should not be able to own firearms.
7. Targeting the so-called no-fly terrorist watch list to ensure people who pose a threat to Americans do not obtain firearms. 

Thus, firearm reform is essentially enforcing the laws already on the books with a greater emphasis on tightening the loose ends where people slip through the cracks. As well as broadening research, opening more positions to ensure background checks are thorough and completed to include aggregating mental health records which may be relevant to the sale of a gun; in a timely fashion with a sureness of in-depth screening. Punishing people who sell firearms without first, obtaining a license and background check to do so. Therefore, in no such way do these regulations, if you like, restrict law abiding citizens from obtaining a firearm. As a result, nothing has changed within regard to you purchasing guns if allow under the law to do so, each state also has their restrictions and regulations as to who can buy firearms and what requirements they must follow. So, there are federal and state restrictions one must adhere to before purchasing a firearm, again these regulations vary from state to state. To conclude, Obama is not taking your guns away regardless of what you've heard, Obama is not coming for your guns. I hope I have that clear.


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