Thursday, February 11, 2016

No Bernie's Pie-In-The Sky Promises Will Never Come To Forwishing.

Bernie Sander's Proposals Will Never Pass Congress. If they're voted on at all. 
Bernie Sanders is running his entire campaign based on the premise that dark money and big interest corporate financiers of elections corrupt the politicians; thus, crafting policies that benefit the wealthy. However, Sanders appears to be a part of the problem. In fact, he's calling for a 'political revolution.' But come to find out, Mr. Sanders is quite the hypocrite, in fact, more super PAC money has been spent so far in support of Mr. Sanders than for either of his Democratic rivals, including Hillary Clinton, according to Federal Election Commission records. First, Bernie will face unprecedented obstruction from Republicans. As previously stated, Congress will not approve universal Healthcare. Congressional supporters in the private healthcare industry will not allow them to support such a radical measure, so in other words, the donors that have given Republican candidates money will be adamantly opposed to any law that restricts access to private healthcare whereby taking power from private healthcare insurance and giving control to the government. Conservatives constantly worry about government overreach, and this new health care law would be a  sure way for conservatives to bank in on the fears that they have for years imposed upon their followers; fears of a mass government takeover, fears of a government that is controlling your health care plan. Under the so-called Affordable Care Act / Obamacare Dr.s may deny individual insurance companies. However, private insurance companies may not refuse any customer based on a pre-existing condition. However, that does not mean that insurance company or Medical doctors, clinics will accept your insurance of choice. Thus, giving even less access to medical providers that will take your health care policy whereby creating a real so-called death panel. That said, there's no need to scrap the Affordable Care Act, but there is a need to improve the Affordable Care Act, meaning, the mandate which states you must have insurance or pay a penalty to exist to penalize those who do not participate in the health care system.
Bernie Give Unrealistic Promises With Little Political Capital to Make His Pie-in-The Sky Assertions Reality. 
 Bernie Sanders delivers false hope and simple solutions to complex problems. Take, for example, healthcare he cannot just sign an executive order and deliver the false promise of health insurance for all. No, in fact, that would not pass Congress, and he knows this; therefore, he's setting up a
false narrative as well as a false sense of the separate powers of government. If Obama couldn't get his agenda accomplished because of unprecedented obstruction, do you really think

Bernie Sander's radical progressive outline will pass mustard? I am a progressive who believes in fighting for social, economic, criminal justice, rights for all, but we cannot storm the White House without a plan. And, the plan we use cannot be so far to the left that we can't get it to pass both chambers of Congress. That doesn't mean don't try, but the nuanced approach to passing bills and vetoing others should be well thought out, even before one takes office. I truly do not believe Bernie Sanders delivering nonsense creates enthusiasm for his supporters. In other words, his accomplishments will be minuscule. In fact, as president, I doubt he'd get any more done than Obama.

The Right often avoids the fact that socioeconomic oppression accounts for situational circumstances which cause high unemployment. Education, military services, disability and other facts take root in the eligibility of employment. Often, we segregate by socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds; therefore, we fail to see the complete pic
ture which leads to this one-sided mentality wherein the rich control the poor and the scales once even now tip permanently towards the wealthy. Status, wealth, power and socioeconomic advantages give the rich an unprecedented upper hand to influence policies and ensure the silence of those who disagree with issues which affect their personal well-being. Many people vote against their interests because large corporations, donors, and dark money plaster the airwaves and television with advertisements that give one-sided arguments and simple-minded solutions to complex problems.
After 40 Years In The Senate, Bernie's Socialist Proposals Have Landed Wildly On Deaf Ears.
In essence, no one takes him serious and I think for the millions of people following him for some sort of nonexistent 'Political Revolution' they will be sorely disappointed with the gridlock and or the amount of compromise Sander's will hand Republicans. Virtually, helping their cause and giving minimal change to the folks he promised a political revolution.
In Bernie Sanders ads, you will see him touting  himself as a man's - man. You know, the Middle American man.. But, he's failing to appeal to the diversity of the country and this problem will influence whether or not he is electable. Thus, he needs to show more than simply speeches that pull at your heartstrings or your passionate strength. He needs to show that he can actually achieve his proposals which are severely radical within regards to the current political status quo in American politics. Sander's policies include significant changes to the formation of America as we know it, such as universal health care raising the minimum wage, tuition-free College. Change within the right context is fine. I am a progressive, but is that change achievable? Some estimate Bernie Sander's changes to health care and social programs will cost trillions of dollars which will drastically cut funding for the military. Personally, I think we spend too much on the military. We get into useless needless wars. Again, as previously stressed, Congress will not raise taxes on their donors. So, you can set aside that idea. I cannot deny that it's sad Sander's wouldn't be able to raise taxes on those who can afford it the most, but the problem is the donors, the people who fund those elected own the people casting votes for such measures.

Bernie's Political Revolution is Nothing More Than A Dream With Billions of Dollars Pushing It To Naught.
But, here Bernie Sander's doing the same thing, he's giving easy answers to problems far too complex to fix with the stroke of a pen. Systemic political bluster, obstruction, and mind-bobbling excuses to get things done in Washington won't cease unless you have a pragmatic leader who strongly believes in the values espoused on the campaign trail.

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