Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Last Night, Hillary Came Out On Top In The Democratic Town Hall

As expected, last night, Hillary Clinton delivered an outstanding Town Hall performance. Secretary Clinton's responses to questions were thoughtful, intelligent, nuanced, and without exception, authentic. We saw a calm, cool, collected presidential candidate take questions from the audience. One question, from a Bernie Sander's supporter, questioned her truthfulness and why more young people weren't as engaged in her campaign. First, that's a Republican, Bernie Sander's talking point. The claiming Mrs. Clinton isn't honest was created because of the backlash over the failed Iraq war wherein they lied to Americans at the behest of the Dictator George W. Bush. So, when something happened at an embassy 11 years later somehow Hillary Clinton, a Democrat, lied about what happened and covered something up which to this day, has not caught dust.

She had a private e-mail account some argue, therefore, she's a liar. What? So, what she had a private e-mail account. I guarantee you, she's not the only one in government with a private e-mail address. As to whether classified material was or wasn't on the server, it was proven, she did nothing wrong.

But, in the alternate world where the Bernie Sander's supporters live, they eat the garbage right wing hate media wants them to believe. You see, right wingers can think for these clowns because they refuse to look at the actual issues. Instead, the Sanders and the Republican Party are intent on bashing Hillary and bringing her down to nought. That said, her answer to the question spent a few moments characterizing the attacks, origins, nature and reason for the attacks. She didn't return fire on the Republican talking points because she didn't need to. Hillary totally needed to stand up for Hillary and that she did well.


1). AT LAST NIGHT’S TOWN HALL, HILLARY CLINTON STOLE THE SHOW. Correct The Record. http://correctrecord.org/at-last-nights-town-hall-hillary-clinton-stole-the-show/

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