Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Flint, Michigan Proves Government Run As Business is Disastrous.

Dark money is strangling our democracy.  Often to get elected, politicians make promises they know they cannot keep. Take, for example, Bernie Sanders, his proposals require an act of Congress to increase taxes on corporations and billionaires and folks making over $250,000 a year.This promise in and of itself is nearly impossible to achieve. Bernie will need to get both Democratic and Republicans to vote on raising taxes on the Middle Class; that's not happening. Seeing as the richest people often contribute to campaign through donations for their congressman, Congress are less likely shall I say to increase the taxes of their donors primarily Republican donors.
Will donors sit quietly by as Bernie Sanders raises taxes on corporations? I highly doubt it considering wealthy corporations took including the Koch brothers have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to ensure Republicans remain in an office and control of Congress and the Senate.
Fighting The Billionaire Class. Fighting the billionaire class is like putting a diesel fire out with a squirt gun, it's not happening. 

Also, the Koch brothers are outsourcing their needs to local super PACs within as 'paper tiger' non-profit organizations to galvanize conservative support for personal gain, not the well-being of the people the Congressmen represent. Dark money tide waves, through states, to support state senators and state congressional Republican candidates. The cash flows in Congressional districts by this ‘dark money' or money, and that is untraceable and given to the candidate through C 4 tax exempt status organizations which are, again, essential 'Paper Tiger' organizations set up to elect conservative Republican candidates for office who focus on deregulation and lowering taxes. As a result, things such as Flint, Michigan's drinking water contaminated with lead exposes the underlying issue which is greed. One of the mankind's oldest sins, greed, exploits the most vulnerable among us, the poorest, the least powerful, the least likely to be heard. This disregard for human life to transfer the poor water bill in turn for wealthy tax breaks for the wealthy is wicked to say the least.  Some of these children with lead in their system are for lack of better work fucked for life. Lead isn't something which can come out of one's system. It lingers and can cause depression, rashes, give their future children birth defects and other illnesses some of which are unknown.  
This problem goes to show government cannot be run as a business because the government is for the people and not simply a tax cutting deregulating entity which screws the poor. Government looks out for people and takes care of those whom cannot take care of themselves; they are quick to act when drinking water is poisoned, or your house is on fire. I think you get the point. The government is different from a business in that the government is multifaceted and performs tasks which often overlap benefiting folks of all socioeconomic, race, without bias. Companies do not operate in the same manner. So to say because Trump is a good businessman, he can manage the government like a business is a profound misunderstanding of government; we've lost track that the government works for the people. Businesses do what they want, not what the people ask. Unfortunately for us, for far too long, the government has been running a company.  

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