Monday, January 11, 2016

Sabrina Fulton, mother of late Trayvon Martin: Endorsed Hillary Clinton!

Maybe I shouldn't be, but I am shocked, Sabrina Fulton, mother of late Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old shot dead, murdered in a residential gated community, in which his father was staying, by former neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman, endorsed Hillary Clinton. This endorsement is one of the most significant endorsements as the face of anti-gun violence activist saying Clinton was the best positioned to stand up to the Republican Party and the NRA. No president in history has stood up to the NRA the way Mrs. Clinton is poised to do. We know Bernie Sander's stance on gun control is mild compared to the strict, constitutional restrictions supported by Hillary.

"Clinton and Fulton met in November 2015 in Chicago during the Democratic front-runner's meeting with mothers of children who died in shootings or at the hands of law enforcement. The group, according to attendees, discussed Clinton's criminal justice and gun control plans and the mothers presented the candidate with ideas on how to tackle the issue of police brutality.

The endorsement comes at an important time for Clinton: Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is enjoying a slight surge in Iowa and New Hampshire polls, which Clinton's campaign is trying to blunt by questioning his more conservative record on gun control. Fulton doesn't mention Sanders in her editorial.

With so many of our children's lives on the line or taken, we simply can't afford to elect a Republican who refuses to even acknowledge the problem of senseless gun violence. The rising generation of our young people need a President who will take a stand against the
inaction of the Republicans and indifference from the NRA," Fulton writes in a CNN Opinion piece about the endorsement. "I believe that person is Hillary Clinton."

Fulton writes that meeting Clinton in November helped cement her endorsement, primarily because the candidate listened to the group's ideas on guns and criminal justice reform." (1).

Bernie Sander's is a conservative on gun rights, which is not compatible with the Democratic Party seeking gun reform and clarification on the 2nd Amendment. Sanders and Independent is a Socialist, which has interchangeable verbiage. Hillary Clinton's proposals seem to work for the Middle Class and the poor. Yes, the wealthy will continue to get richer regardless of the presidential winner; however, there are things Mrs. Clinton can do to reign inWall Street and make ensure Americans can earn a livable wage rather than a mere raise in minimum wage.
America is the richest nation on earth with over two million homeless children. That's wrong. That's not Christian, as we claim this nation is a Christian nation, kids are starving in the American streets. Forgive me for seeking justice for Americans before refugees. Gun violence sustains an entangled web of poverty, domestic violence, gang violence, crimes of passion, suicide and accidental shootings. There hasn't been a government takeover to a 'well-regulated militia,' which in all seriousness is the state police, state national guard, and state reserve military. Gun sense, it's that simple gun sense.

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