Friday, January 15, 2016

Urban Ministry -- Work Ethic

In my last Urban Ministries post, I talked about how there is a need for social, criminal justice, economic opportunity, and income inequality prosperity among African American and Hispanic Americans. But, in this post, I want to talk about the impact of not having these radical changes in the way that ministry in the black and Hispanic community is conducted. First, there is a lack of trust in the black community regarding authorities, educational officials, and pastors. Now the downfall of this predicament is nuanced, and it is intrinsically ingrained in the African-American culture. Mistrust is a cynical part of the Urban African American experience.  Now, what do I mean by that? What I mean, is that there is a tendency to leave African Americans and Hispanics in the background when it comes to religiosity. Commonly we see white pastors, white preachers, and white ministers on TV, and on the radio offering a name it and claim it gospel wherein giving funds donations to Ministries equates to faith. Be that as it may, as previously expressed, this in no way defines the way we had talked to communities suffering destitution. Some people give their lives savings two ministries in hopes that planting that seed will grab them healing in their lives and when their life comes to an end and not healing or thing that they had hoped would happen does not happen they ironically lose faith. And, the question whether their face was sincere in the first place. I mean, if my faith was sincere, they say, God would have answered my prayers. In addition, people often wonder if they are even saved or going to heaven. Thus, an endless cycle of giving financial contributions that you cannot afford two ministries who do not need your money but will use your money for things that they do not ne
ed is Ludacris. When's the last time you heard your pastor tell the congregation to give to the needy instead of giving to the church? I don't mean small churches where they run on the donations of the congregation, but I mean, the mega churches who have multi-million dollar homes jets, limousines, vacation homes, fly the ski resorts and tell you that you're not working hard enough. This greed turns the African American community away from the church. But it also does something else which is to twist the naive African American Christian into the guilt of giving their last dollar. You see, no one has ever told them Jesus Christ doesn't need their money. Does a church need money to operate, absolutely? Which is why churches develop budgets and target their goals through congregants but also through community service in exchange for financial contributions or fund drives. These interactions are useful in giving  impoverished communities black and brown children the value of organizing workable budgets, reasonable goals, community service, community organization skills and public outreach. Thus, investing in  Urban Ministry by using practical ministerial administration skills gives students skills that will last them a  lifetime.

Aside from the goals above, teaching ethnic minority students and young people who have their best political, social, and religious views insight is essential in building a country based on values encompassed by Christians and for the benefit of humanity. And, no, I am not speaking about the Republican candidates, they most certainly don't have young folks, especially, ethnic minorities best interests at heart. 
When is the last time you heard a politician that was sincerely on your side? I'm not talking patriotic conservative Christians. What I'm talking about is the go-getter, the person or the candidate who will fight for income inequality, racial discrimination, ethnic minority bigotry, religious freedom, an equal opportunity? To be honest, I believed Hillary Clinton was the most qualified, the most dignified, and the best hope for change that the Democratic Party could offer. But, today you see a political revolution. And, that revolution is with Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is for all of the previously mentioned grievances if you will. Does that mean I will vote for Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton? I don't know. But what I do know is whomever the Democratic nominee happens to be, I will vote for them. Now you asked why I would only vote Democratic when I'm a Christian. The answer is pretty straightforward. The Republican Party is the party of greed. The Republican Party is the party of the billionaire class. The class that most of everyday Americans will know nothing about, the people who will most likely have nothing in common with us run the country. And they do so through political bribes giving billions of dollars to hundreds of millions rather to Republican politicians to feed lies on the airwaves and TV and in print.

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