Monday, December 10, 2018

Urban Ministry Outreach

"The establishment of urban ministry incorporated was the fulfillment of a boy who dream that Melvin. Bank had at the age of 12. Soon after becoming a Christian, Bank gave his testimony on the back roads of Birmingham Alabama an old, white-haired black man heard his testimony and quoted scripture to him quote my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge Hosea for 6. This verse made a great impression on Bank; he determined to devote his life to educating black Americans with knowledge of the Bible and becoming Christian teachers in 1955, Bank graduated from the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. He went on to Wheaton College, where he earned a Bachelors of Arts in Theology and The Masters of Arts and Biblical, theological studies. He received an honorary degree of literature at Wheaton College in 1992."

After he had worked in a white ministry for several years, he realized the need for an urban outreach program for African Americans. Thus, Urban Ministries was created out of a need to reach minorities, particularly African Americans, but also Hispanics hear the gospel message. As opposed to the Caucasian version of the gospel and I say version 'loosely' in that it is not disrespecting the Gospel or the teachings of the faith. But that the teachings of the gospel have predominately been for white America and through the lens of a capitalistic society and not a social justice, criminal justice, economic equality, political, reformation of criminal law that keeps so many men of color away from their families, and the need for inclusionism instead of divisiveness.
At a time when the name it and claim it gospel is running rampant, and the prosperity gospel is shoved down predominately African American's throats, there is a need for liberation theology that includes social justice and economic reform through the lens of Christ operating through the poor in that is the fruit of the Church.

Televangelist and other pimp preachers have used the weak to transfer their destitute unto their ministries' wealth. People believing they can buy God's acceptance and love are sorely mistaken. The poor and often uneducated folks, tune into these shows and consider planting a so-called "seed" of faith will gain them a harvest. But, that's not exactly how God works. At least not within the context the pimp preachers would have you believe. As Christians, we must do more to inform not only ethnic minorities but all people that "God doesn't need a plane." In other words, there's nothing you can buy God. Instead of sending money to televangelist and pimp preachers, help out local ministries and true churches. That would be a wise investment in the body of Christ but supporting lavish lifestyles for pimp preachers is ludicrous; shall we remember Christ was homeless?

 Insofar as Christians promoting values, it's  essential gospel message follow through actions instead of words and inaction. The Gospel message is not simply a do as you're told or say as you're enjoined to say and do absolutely nothing gospel. No, the gospel of Christ and who Christ was was a liberator of the poor, of the down and out, of the downtrodden, of the lowest of society. If you believe that the gospel is simply for a particular group of people an individual color a distinct so-called ethnicity, then you're more likely to reject the facts of the gospel. You're more liable to dismiss the notion that Jesus Christ is who he says he is, and that causes issues within not only the African-American community but within the Church as a whole. Because people, like it or not, see Christ through the lens in which their comfort zone exists; through the lens in which they see society and if you see society in a lens that is blinded by or colored shall we say with bigotry, with a notion that political correctness is a right to berate other people to run your mouth without thinking then the Gospel that you present is unsophisotactited nonsense at least to the listener.

Let's be clear when people such as Donald Trump talk about political correctness they are not speaking about engaging in a dialogue over issues that are controversial no not at all, they are talking about using offensive terms offensive language that is divisive. Thus, the political right's push for political correctness is not a push for dialogue on a well-rounded footing, it's not a push for a dose of tough love; nope the right's push for (political correctness) or better yet running off at the mouth has everything to do with bigotry and anti-immigration, anti-black, anti-Muslim, anti-Native American. However, you don't have to believe me simply attend a Donald Trump rally. You will find that their version of America is completely different and completely contrary to the values of an inclusive America rather than social justice for all it is pro-corporation welfare. And, they're against social programs that benefit young mothers. Anything that helps benefit the poor or the neediest among us is everything republicans oppose. Instead of dropping bombs on ISIL, we should be dropping educational bombs within our school systems that provide educational opportunities for each and every student. Thus, giving the right to learn for all students for all who are interested in gaining an economic opportunity to experience, the so-called American dream. But, we know from experience, that comes with a heavy toll a heavy price if you will, in which the elite do not want everyone educated. The elite wants to keep the status quo, to maintain discourse, to maintain equality, especially, income inequality. Thus, African Americans feel trapped in an endless cycle of poverty crime jail and institutional racism. We know from experience that black schools pale
in comparison to white schools part of that is because of zoning and part of that is for essentially segregated schools wherein 98% of blacks attend certain schools and another schools 3% of blacks attend those schools. And again, it has to do with zoning requirements or high-income tax areas, those districts typically have better schools with better teachers who salary is above that of those at destitute schools. And sometimes, blacks received inadequate education to push only them through the system. So they start off with a disadvantage because of their color and that does play a part in one's level of success. Also, it is without question that poverty begets poverty in that it is a cycle that one rarely gets out of; therefore, it is essential that we as Christians push for equality in standards equality in teachers in the level of the education system overall.
Also, we must teach comprehensive sexual education. I know as a Christian that that is a radical ideology, but children continue to have sex regardless of abstinence-only teaching. Therefore, it behooves us as a nation as Christians to teach basic sexual education, and it can be done through biblical perspectives while respecting religious liberty.

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